Agenda April 2015

Councillors are summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council
to be held at Bosbury Parish Hall on Thursday 2nd April 2015 at 7.30pm


1. To Accept any Apologies for Absence and Note the Reason
2. To Record any Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
3. Approval of Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 5th March 2015 (copy previously circulated)
4. To receive brief Report from Ward Councillor (s)
5. Open Forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council (Please note: Decisions
cannot be made on items not on the agenda) This item to be limited at the discretion of the chairman
6. To receive update on P143370/O Land to the East of Brook Lane, North of B4220, Bosbury
Proposed residential development for up to 37 dwellings of which 13 (35%) will be affordable
7. Correspondence / Consultation / Discussion / Communications:
a) To receive report from Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
b) To receive update on Defibrillator for Bosbury village
c) To discuss Election Day 7th May 2015 and complete nomination forms
d) To confirm procedure for filling any councillor casual vacancies
8. Highways/Footpaths:
a) To receive and note report from Balfour Beatty Locality Steward Neil James
b) Update on Traffic Speed Management Scheme
c) To discuss Road Conditions / Winter Self Help / Flooding
d) Update from the Footpath Warden including update on Catley Byway M228
e) To discuss lengthsman scheme and P3 scheme
9. Finance:
a) To Agree Finance Report & note Bank Balance
b) To Agree Payments of outstanding accounts as per finance report:
632: E Seabright – lengthsman – £370.00
633: J Chester – Clerk March Salary & Expenses – as agreed
10. Training / Meetings:
a) To note dates and decide attendees of meetings/courses
b) Report from any meetings attended
11. To note and review the Information & Outstanding Actions Sheet (circulated)
12. To raise items for next scheduled Parish Council Meeting (no discussion)
13. To note Date and time of Next Scheduled Meeting –
Thurs 21st May at Bosbury Village Hall –
Annual Parish Meeting at 7pm followed by the AGM of the parish council
14. Planning: (planning committee)
NB. Please view planning applications online before the meeting as paper copies may not be available
15. To Consider Planning Applications referred for comment:
P150684 – The Hop Drier Slatch Farm Coddington Nr Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 1JS
Proposed change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling house
16. To note Planning Record (circulated) and Decisions of Hereford Council:

Signed: JLChester (Clerk to the Parish Council) Dated: 26th March 2015

The press and public are cordially invi