Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 25.5.17

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting, 25.5.17, Bosbury Parish Hall, 7.30pm

Councillors Sven Bosley (Chairman), Joe Hayes, Julie E Baker, Patrick Whitehead, John Joyce Townsend, Mark Andrews, Gian Carlo Paganuzzi, Tim Newsholme, Charlie Ferrier, Julia Boyle,
In attendance
Leanne Rex – Parish Clerk
James Boyce (Footpath officer)
Public: 5
1.0 Election of Chair and Vice Chair
JH proposed Sven Bosley for Chair (GCP seconded, 9 for/1 abstention)
SB proposed Julia Boyle for Vice Chair (JH seconded, 9 for/1 abstention).
2.0 To Accept Apologies for Absence and Note the Reason
Liz Cooke (family commitment), Rachel Lovering (work)
3.0 To Record any Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
4.0 Remind Councillors to review their register of interests
Councillors were reminded.
5.0 To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 6.4.17
6.4.17 minutes agreed to be accurate; approved and signed by the chair.
6.0 To Receive Brief Report from Ward Councillor Tony Johnson
Cllr Johnson was not present and no report received.
7.0 Review and adopt policies
7.1 Unchanged Policies
The following policies were unchanged following the major review in 2016 and the meeting agreed for the Chair to sign and adopt them for 2017
7.1 Standing Orders
7.2 Financial Regulations
7.3 Code of Conduct
7.4 Freedom of Information
7.5 Planning Process between meetings
7.6 Risk Assessment
7.7 Risk Management
7.8 Donations Policy
7.9 Press and Media Policy
7.2 The Asset Register had been revised to include the phone box. It was further revised in the meeting to include the footpath officer’s multi tool. The Chair signed and the asset register was adopted.
8.0 Review Committee / Working Group Structures
8.1 Planning Committee
SB proposed, JBoyle seconded PW for Chair; All in favour
PW stated he thought the planning committee was working well with the mix of councilors and would like to continue unchanged.
SB proposed the Committee members as GCP, TN, LC, J Boyle (seconded J Boyle, All in favour)
8.2 NDP Working Group
PW proposed a full council discussion re NDP and it’s affect on the wider community. PW would not wish to be part of a NDP working group but would be willing to facilitate discussion needed.
SB proposed to dissolve the current working group and review after the next meeting (seconded J Boyle, All in favour).
8.3 Staffing Panel
TN asked for an explanation of this panel and SB explained it was responsible for recruitment, appointment, contracts, appraisals and any staff issues.
SB proposed J Boyle, GCP and SB as members (seconded GCP, all in favour).
The Clerk had documented the responsibilities for the staffing panel. Circulate to all and amend or sign off in next meeting. Clerk
8.4 Traffic and Speed Management Working Party
JJT was willing to continue in this role and thanked JH for his help and support.
SB proposed JJT to continue (seconded J Boyle, all in favour).
8.5 Lengthsman Working Party
The 3 current members – PW, JJT and JH – each felt it would be easier to manage with 1 person not 3. JH would prefer not to be in the working party but was happy to help. PW also withdrew from the working party.
SB proposed that JJT lead the lengthsman co ordination (seconded JH, all in favour).
8.6 Quarterly Finance Check/Bank Reconciliation
The Clerk explained that the Bank Rec and Finance report should be checked quarterly to make sure they balance. It is a quick check that can be completed at the start or end of a meeting. PW was willing to do this.
J Boyle proposed PW carried out quarterly checks (SB seconded, all in favour).
8.7 Bank Signatories
SB proposed SB, J Boyle, PW, JH remain as bank signatories (seconded JBoyle, all in favour).
9.0 Finance
9.1 The Clerk advised that the internal audit had been completed by Sharon Gray. The meeting wished to thank Sharon and J Boyle to arrange a thank you. J Boyle
9.2 Complete and sign off the Annual Governance Statement
9.3 Approve and sign the Annual Accounting Statements
Approved and signed.
9.4 Agree payments of outstanding accounts
Parish Council expenses £74.02; Clerk Salary £730.39

10.0 Insurance
10.1 Multi tool to be added to the policy. Clerk
10.2 Insurance (public & personal injury etc.) for footpath officer using the multitool to be investigated. Clerk
10.3 Clerk had circulated the insurance quotes received from Came & Co. The meeting proposed to adopt the 3 year undertaking with Inspire if Clerk could get clarification of charge for mid term alterations and phone box. Otherwise just take the insurance for 1 year. Clerk

11.0 Highways/Footpaths/Lengthsman
11.1 Appoint Footpath Officer
James Boyce was willing to continue but would like some help. Responsibilities include walking all the footpaths (22km) twice a year and log the walk, carry out any repairs, cutting back, replacing signs as needed etc.
Liz Cooke had offered to help and J Boyle also offered.
SB proposed that James Boyce remain as official footpath officer assisted by J Boyle monitoring Coddington footpaths, L Cooke monitoring East Bosbury footpaths and J Boyce monitor West Bosbury (seconded PW, all in favour). J Boyce to hold the multi tool, equipment, kissing gates etc.
11.2 Appoint Lengthsman
PW proposed to continue with the same lengthsman – G Day and Ed Seabright (seconded SB, all in favour).
11.3 Sign the Lengthsman Contract with Herefordshire Council
11.4 Ditch on the B4214
JJT proposed G Day be instructed to clear the ditch as no satisfactory response had been received from Balfour Beatty or HJ Pugh (land agent). Clerk to raise Works Order; JJT to meet with G Day and action.
12.0 Review options with regards to the NDP
The meeting resolved to discuss the NDP at the next meeting.
Letter of thanks to be sent to Matt Hosking thanking him for all his hard work.

13.0 To Note & Review the Information & Outstanding Actions Sheet

Date Min Action Status Comments
6.10.16 6.1 PW Complete When Forge Bank fencing is complete ask Seabrights to strim twice pa.
21.5.17: Re-open : Ed Seabright unable to do this.
6.10.16 7.6 JH Ongoing Quote to repair existing gates at new burial ground using existing black metal furniture.
25.5.17 SB to ask around for joiner suggestions.
1.12.16 7.8.5 LC Complete Speak to homeowner re hedge obscuring school sign.
2.2.17 8.2 JJT/Clerk Ongoing Take advice re any further speeding deterrents
2.3.17 7.2 Clerk Ongoing Add Catley phonebox to insurance once adopted. Will be added from 1.6.17.
2.3.17 15.5 SB Ongoing Assess the role of the staffing committee
25.5.17 Responsibilities document to be circulated by Clerk.