Minutes 1.12.16

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday, 1st December 2016
at Coddington Church at 7.30pm

Councillors Sven Bosley (Chairman), Joe Hayes, Matt Hosking, Rachel Lovering, Julie Baker, Patrick Whitehead, Liz Cooke, Mark Andrews, Julia Boyle, Gian Carlo Paganuzzi, Tim Newsholme
In attendance
Leanne Rex – Parish Clerk
Public: 1
1.0 To Accept Apologies for Absence and Note the Reason
John Joyce-Townsend (illness), Charlie Ferrier (work),
2.0 To Record any Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
3.0 To approve the Minutes of the Previous Parish Council Meeting
Minutes from 3.11.16 meeting were agreed to be true and accurate and were approved and signed by the chair.
4.0 To Receive Brief Report from Ward Councillor Tony Johnson
Not present.
5.0 Open Forum for Local Residents to Raise Matters Relevant to the Parish Council
5.1 The homeowner of the The Old Country (RHS towards Cradley, by Norbridge) reported the drain is blocked which has caused flooding to house porch. Clerk to log. Resident also advised to contact HC.
Homeowner also concerned about traffic speeding along the Cradley road and was advised to contact the Community Police Officer by registering his concerns via 101. Clerk

6.0 Correspondence / Discussion / Governance
6.1 Update re Forge Bank Amenity area
Land Registry process is ongoing to register the land in the name of the Parish Council.
G Merrick has not started the fencing yet – SB to chase. SB
6.2 Neighbourhood Development Plan
The NDP was registered on the HC website on 16.11.16 for Reg 16 consultation process, takes about 8 weeks, approx. 11 Jan. Then PC will be advised of any comments raised. If no changes required the NDP is then submitted for Reg 17 / 18 / independent examination and adoption. The PC thanked Matt for all his work. MH
6.3 BT Payphones consultation
BT are consulting to close 132 phone boxes inc the box at Catley. It is a 1935 vintage box, not listed, value circa £3000. PW met with 8 Catley families on 4.12.16 and the residents were happy to repair and maintain the box. There is £1 fee to transfer from BT. BT remove the cabling but are happy to leave the lights and pay for the electric for the light for 5-7 years. Residents asked for help to pay for the paint circa £80-100. Additional insurance premium through Came and Co is £14.13. Clerk to add to insurance schedule when adopted. Clerk
Meeting agreed the PC to purchase as a community asset and Catley families to repair and maintain.
Meeting agreed for PC to pay the annual insurance premium, the £1 adoption fee and the paint.
If in the long term the Catley families no longer want the box then the PC could sell it.
Clerk to confirm to Anthony Bush at HC that the PC want to adopt the box. Clerk
PW offered to act as liaison with BT until new Clerk recruited.
6.4 Recruitment of new Clerk
Leanne has resigned due to taking on a full time position in Cheltenham. The advert has been in the school newsletter and is in Ledbury News window. No response to request to place advert in Church newsletter – Clerk to chase editor. No applicants yet possibly due to time of year, re-advertise in January if necessary. Clerk
The PC thanked Leanne for all her efforts and for organizing lots of areas and the website.
7.0 Highways/Footpaths/Lengthsman
7.1 Sign for Brook Lane
Awaiting ABE lorry to be in the area; JBo to deliver to JJT. JBo
7.2 SIDs
JJT suggested the data is assessed from the November SID rentals before making decisions re a new base.
7.3 Overhanging trees opposite Woodmans
Eddie Holloway from Knight Frank had sent photos of the completed work. PC were grateful for the work completed, however JH considers more is needed and will draft a letter for the Clerk to send to Knight Frank. Clerk / JH
7.4 New Burial Ground
Work has been completed – hedges cut by Ed Seabright – excellent.
Rubbish all cleared by G Day but damage made to the entrance in the process, very unfortunate and could have been easily avoided. There have been complaints from residents and the Clerk has written to G Day to request the area be made good as soon as possible. Recent wet weather making this difficult. SB to liaise urgently with G Day. There is a funeral on 8.12.16 and the ground needs to be made good before then. SB
Compost boxes – hold for now.
7.5 Clearing River Leadon
Actions remain the same – repeated here ready for next meeting:
In an attempt to avoid future flooding, G Day to clear the river downstream of the bridge. PW advised there are 2 areas that build up / block. Meeting agreed to release the £2400 inc vat that had been previously agreed (and then put on hold awaiting EA response) for G Day to undertake clearance works. LWP to instruct G Day. LWP
JH has agreed access with the landowners (Hawkins and Blandford) for access.
7.6 Lengthsman Expression of Interest Form
The form to request lengthsman and P3 funding for 2017/18 has been completed by the Clerk, circulated to the PC. Meeting agreed to submit to HC.to be returned to HC. Clerk
7.7 Annual budget for Seabright Solutions
PW has consolidated all of Ed’s tasks into a budget totaling £1710, plus 10% contingency, plus late addition of burial ground hedges @ £120 gives a grand total of £2000.
PW to provide a copy of the cost sheets to both lengthsman. PW
7.8 To discuss any new highway or footpath issues
7.8.1 Clerk to request Ed Seabright to complete the following: Clerk
• Plant traffic calming tubs with winter bedding asap
• Sweep footpaths
• Clear 6 Catley grips – contact PW if directions needed.
• Trim hedge so the T junction sign can be seen (on LHS approaching main road by Bosbury House woodyard)
7.8.2 Potholes on the whole length of Paddals Lane Clerk
7.8.3 Potholes between Plough Cottage and Adhisthana (C66404) Clerk
7.8.4 Edges of road dropping away on C1165 between junction of C1172 and C1177; and on the N66404 between Strangewood Farm and The Pound. Clerk
7.8.5 LC to speak to homeowner re hedge obscuring school sign. LC
7.8.6 Footpath over Stoney Brook: JH to ask JJT to draft a letter to Cllr Johnson for Clerk to send. JH/JJT/Clerk
James Boyce as Footpaths Officer requested to write also. J Boyce
8.0 Finance
8.1 To Agree Finance Report and Bank Balances
The meeting agreed the above.
8.2 To Agree Payments of outstanding accounts as per finance report
The following were all agreed:
682 Website £650 (paid from transparency grant) 683 Grant Thornton Auditors £120
684 Brook Lane sign (refund to clerk as paid by bank transfer) £26.92 685 Ed Seabright £510
8.3 SB to chase G Day for invoice so Clerk can submit the lengthsman claim to HC.
9.0 Training / Meetings
9.1 To note dates and decide attendees for meetings
9.2 To Receive Reports from any meetings attended
10.0 To Note & Review the Information & Outstanding Actions Sheet
From 6.10.16 item 10 – Proposed Bus Cuts
Clerk sent a letter to Cllr Rone and copied to Cllr Johnson; response received and forwarded to JJT.
11.0 To note Date and Time of next scheduled meeting
Thursday 2nd February, 2017, 7.30pm, location TBC
12.0 To raise items for the next scheduled Parish Council meeting (no discussion)
Phone box consultation, NDP progress, Forge bank fencing, new Clerk recruitment, SID data,
The meeting closed at 21.35