Minutes 11th April 2013





Parish Clerk: Janet Chester

Mapleside, Ashperton, Ledbury, HR8 2RZ

Tel: 01531 670036

e-mail: bosburyclerk@btinternet.com




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 11th April 2013 at 7.30pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), Mrs J Boyle (Vice-Chairman), G Blandford, J Hayes, J Joyce-Townsend, Mrs D Preece, B Taylor and P Whitehead 


In attendance

 J Chester – Parish Clerk

J Boyce – Footpath Officer


Public: 1



49/13 Apologies Received – Ward Councillor C Attwood


50/13 Declarations of Interest  –


Cllr Name                  Agenda Item Nature of Interest
Cllr J Hayes 6b purchase and supply of grit bins


51/13 To approve minutes of the meeting held on 7th March 

          2013 (previously circulated)

Cllr Boyle requested that her declared interest against planning application 130185/FH,The Gardens Bosbury be removed, it had been signed in the declarations book in error. The minutes were then approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the chairman.


52/13 To receive a report from Ward Councillors:

Both ward councilors had given their apologies for not attending this meeting. Neither councillor had sent a report. RESOLVED that the clerk is to request a monthly report from the ward councillors to enable the parish council to be kept informed of ongoing matters.


53/13 Open forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council

RESOLVED The clerk was asked to report potholes in the road by Note House and Upper Woodlow C1159 junction. Complaints have been received from residents on the southern side of the village of light pollution from Stanley House. Cllr Hayes is to informally approach them to try and resolve this issue before reporting it officially. There is also a problem of dog fouling on the playground area. Cllr Preece is to check if the “dog fouling” sign is still in position.


54/13  Highways and Footpaths

a)    Traffic Speed Management / SID Data –

Bruce Evans of Herefordshire Council Transportation & Planning Department has been in touch with Cllr Joyce –Townsend advising that at present camera signs cannot be put up. “Community Concern” signs can only be put up by the SRP when their data recording vehicles are deployed but tend to be only on “A” roads. The clerk is awaiting response from HALC about the legal position of the parish council deploying its own signs, such as “Your village is concerned about speeding vehicles”. The question was raised of flashing 20mph lights when the school opens and closes, this is to be explored further. It was suggested to ask a representative of Herefordshire Council or the newly appointed contractor in September to speak at a future meeting on speed and traffic calming measures. Cllr Joyce-Townsend is putting together a dossier of the history of our speeding concerns which could be presented at this meeting.

The clerk is to chase Amey for the data from the latest SID deployment.

At the recent Cluster Group meeting many parishes expressed an interest in a joint purchase of a SID. The mayor of Ross-on-Wye is a point of contact. 

b)    Flooding / Road conditions – The clerk has yet again chased Cllr Russell Hamilton of Herefordshire Council for a report from the meeting on 13th November regarding flooding concerns.

c)    Update from Footpath Warden – a recent article in the local paper about dog control and walking where there were cattle present is to be displayed on the notice boards and website. There is a suggestion that the P3 grant monies will be withdrawn for the coming year, the clerk is to chase confirmation. The Shincroft stile has been replaced with a kissing gate. There is a stretch of footpath on the Herefordshire Trail by Foxhill House in desperate need of some draining and hardcore being laid. Mr Boyce suggested that the ramblers may help with the manual labour. It was suggested to put Geotex membrane under the stone to stop mud rising through it. It was RESOLVED to budget £300 for the required works, Cllr Hayes and J Boyce to liaise. Signs have been requested from Amey who have stated they will install them, one of which is a broken sign at Catley.

d)    Works for the Lengthsman / Amey – RESOLVED

i)      The clerk is to chase Amey re outstanding reported defects

ii)   The clerk is still awaiting confirmation that the lengthsman scheme is to continue and monies will be available for the forthcoming year.


55/13 Finance

a)    Finance Report RESOLVED

b)    Payments RESOLVED


56/13 Correspondence

a)    A letter of thanks has been received from Mrs Hodgson on behalf of Coddington residents for the parish councils donation towards the Jubilee trees.

b)    Buchanan Trust – the trust has received a number of proposals which are currently being reviewed. A meeting will be held in due course to discuss the way forward for the Trust.


57/13 Consultation/Discussion

a)      Parish Plan – the seven area leads are to be pulled together to make a report to give to the general public through Network 5 and Coddington Clock parish magazines. Cllrs were asked to send their reports to Cllr Watson. The clerk is to ask Cllr Watson what he has received and what else he needs to compile the report.

b)      Website – The clerk has updated the website with the monthly minutes. Councillors were reminded to ensure that they feed information to be put onto the website

c)      2013 mowing contractor – Seabright Solutions and Tony Hall are to be asked by the clerk if they are interested in mowing for the coming season and to give a quote.

d)      Appointment of an Internal Auditor – the clerk is to ask another parish clerk to see if audit can be done by them on a reciprocal basis.

e)      Update and clarification on Council Tax Bills / Precept – clarification has been sought due to the recent confusing mail to residents on Council Tax showing that although the parish council precept remained the same as the previous year it was shown on the bills as a 4.7% increase. There is also confusion about the government grant of £791 reducing the gross precept. A meeting is to be requested with Sarah Curtis (precept dept), Tony Johnson and the new Herefordshire Council CEO Alistair Neill to discuss these issues with the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Cllrs Joyce-Townsend and Whitehead.


58/13 Policies and Procedures

a)    Emergency Resilience Plan

Defered to May meeting. The clerk is to chase Cllr Watson to circulate the final draft to all councillors.


59/13 Training / Meetings –

a)    Workshop on Assessment of Rural Housing Need 16th April – Cllrs Whitehead and Preece to attend. They will take with them the latest housing report showing a need for 6 houses.

b)    Cluster Meeting – the main focus of the recent meeting was speeding through the villages. Cllr Whitehead had met with Graham Powell of Herefordshire Council and presented him with the requirements and been told he will respond within 14 days with a timetable of works to be done. A new rule has been brought in that all Road Traffic Orders need to be forwarded through the ward councillor. The new Chief Executive of Herefordshire Council intends to visit all parish councils around June of this year.

c)     HALC Extraordinary meeting on Wed 24th April 7pm HALC offices to discuss and adopt the new HALC constitution


60/13 To note Information Sheet (circulated) – RESOLVED

       The clerk is to obtain copies of all documents held at Masefield



61/13 To note Planning Record (circulated) – RESOLVED


62/13 Items for next meeting

  • ·         Emergency Resilience Plan
  • ·         Mowing Contractor
  • ·         Auditor
  • ·         Parish Plan report
  • ·         Forge Bank and Deeds


63/13 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thurs 2nd May 2013


64/13 Planning


       64.13.1 Planning Applications to be considered – none


       64.13.2 To confirm response to Considered Applications –

       NOTED as per planning record


       64.13.3 To note decisions from Herefordshire Council – NOTED

       as per planning record            


  Meeting closed at 9.06pm




Signed…………………………….    Dated……………………………….