Minutes 1st March 2012

Bosbury and Coddington Parish Council




Parish Clerk: Janet Chester

Mapleside, Ashperton,
Ledbury, HR8 2RZ

Tel: 01531 670036


Minutes of the Parish
Council meeting held on Thursday 1st March 2012 at 7.30pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), Mrs J Boyle (Vice
Chairman), B Taylor, P Whitehead, Mrs D Preece, Mrs J Rees, G Blandford, M
Hosking, R Eaton, J Joyce-Townsend and M Watson


In attendance

C Attwood – Ward Councillor, Janet Chester – Parish


Public: 1



20/12 Apologies
– Ward Councillor A Johnson, Councillors RCrampton and J Hayes
(both due to work commitments)


Declarations of Interest
 – as recorded
in declarations book


of Councillor
Personal Prejudicial
Cllr P Whitehead 17.1.1 N/120144/FH The Gardens, Foxhill, HR8 1QF




To accept minutes of the previous meeting held on 2nd February 2012 (previously

Minutes of the previous meetings were confirmed as a
true and accurate record and signed by the Chairman.  


To receive a report from Ward Councillor:

Herefordshire Council are holding a meeting on Friday
to discuss the Boundary requirement, they are suggesting reducing councillor
numbers from 58 to 54 members, this may affect Hope End Ward. With regards to
Herefordshire Councils budget, concerns were raised about “salami slicing”.
As part of the Localism Act voluntary activity would be needed on non-funded
projects. Cllr Attwood was asked to investigate how well Herefordshire
Council Highways Department and Amey work together.


Open forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish

There was still concern over the state of Vicarage
Road behind Old Court. The clerk is awaiting a response from Amey.  Drains by Little Croft, Ailscroft and Morton
Cottages need clearing. The sign at Morton Cottages needs repairing.


Highways and Footpaths

a)    Traffic
Speed Management / SID Data – there is no consistency in the results
registered from the Vicarage and Hall. When the SID’s are in place they do their
job and speeds reduce but once removed speeds increase again. The school
flashing lights also help reduce speeds.

b)     Update from Footpath Warden – clerk will
email asking for update

c)    Works
for the Lengthsman – RESOLVED that
the clerk will advise/chase lengthsman to:-

  • Purchase and installation of slabs at Coddington
  • Repair Morton Cottage sign
  • Clear Morton Cottages drains
  • Clear road gutters throughout village and check
    weekly as ongoing problem

d)    Dowdings
Brook Survey– a report had been received but the clerk was asked to request
more detail on what will happen next



Finance Report RESOLVED

Payments RESOLVED:

  • Clerks Salary and Expenses
  • Vision 20/20 Conference Attendance Fee

The invoice for SID deployment was to be held until
next month


Parish Plan 

a meeting is to be arranged by Cllr Watson to discuss reports to the
community and parish RESOLVED

It was also decided that this was only needed as an
agenda item every six months.



a)    Website
– Cllr Crampton was unable to attend the meeting but had emailed the clerk
the website statistics. Sponsors for funding the website need chasing. There
are five various “Bosbury” websites and the need to join them up was
discussed. Cllr Hosking will liaise with other website co-ordinators. The
Parish Council do need to have a website if they wish to obtain Quality

b)    The
approved minutes of meetings are to be sent for inclusion in Network 5

c)    Cllr
Rees had received an email from Pat Matthews who was concerned that her press
release had been added to.  Clerk is to
respond stating that the Parish Council have not issued a statement to any
media person regarding this or any other planning application.

d)    General
Power of Competence – clarification is required on councilors elected and
co-opted. Clerk to investigate



a)    Bright
Ideas Project Group – RESOLVED
that members are Cllrs Boyle, Hosking and Hayes. Ideas are to be circulated
prior to full council meeting to enable vote to be held at meeting.

b)    Community
Technology Grant –The Parish Hall Committee has made the application for a
grant of £932 for a 46” TV and HD projector.
c)    Free
Room Hire of Committee Room of Bosbury Parish Hall – it was RESOLVED that this would not be

d)    Clustering
– Cllr Whitehead reported that it is progressing reasonably well. Because of
the concerns raised of Ledbury Council feelings he has met with Cllrs Conway
and Harvey of Ledbury who both gave 100% support to actions so far. Responses
are still required from some Parish Councils but all five of Hope End Ward
wish to be part of clustering.


e)    Neighbourhood
Planning Meeting Report – Cllr Whitehead attended this meeting, he reported
that the Neighbourhood Plan is the next step on from a Parish Plan. It is a
good idea for parishes to have one but the Neighbourhood Plan would have to
be compatible with the Local Development Framework and local council plan.
There is an estimated cost implication of £17k – £63k. HALC are setting up
Neighbourhood Planning groups during 2012. Any possible funding from the
localism Bill for Neighbourhood Plans is unclear as yet.


f)     HM
Diamond Jubilee Celebration 2012 – Cllr Boyle has explored the options
available and it was RESOLVED that
the parish council will give each child under 16 in the parishes a
commemorative coin (approx. 200). The design was agreed to be antique gold
within an economy coin holder, inscribed with 24 letters “Bosbury &
Coddington Parish”. The clerk will put a notice in Network 5 requesting
names, ages and addresses for eligible children. The village society is
organizing events to be held in Bosbury village, Cllr Rees will circulate an
email of the plans to everyone. Coddington residents are holding a garden
party on the afternoon of Tuesday 5th June.


g)    Mowing
Contractor 2012/13 – RESOLVED that
the clerk will confirm Seabright Solutions for this season for Bosbury. Cllr
Taylor agreed to find out who mows Coddington Churchyard.


h)    Hereford
Council Play Facilities and Action Plans Draft Consultation – it was RESOLVED that no further action was
needed by the Parish Council


i)      Bosbury
Play Area – there has been very little use actually witnessed but reports of
the Play Area being used were received. The wire surrounding the area may
need attention.


j)      Notice
Boards – Cllr Preece advised that the new notice board for Forge Bank is
ready to be assembled. Cllr Boyle will investigate a possible location for a
new board in Coddington and get quotes for costs involved


Policies and Procedures

The clerk has drafted a number of policies which
will be circulated to all before adopting at a future meeting.


Training –

a)    HALC
training dates were noted. RESOLVED that
Cllr Whitehead to attend Vision 20/20 conference on 2nd March.

b)    To
discuss items to be raised at meeting with A Bush on March 7th
the issues of Speeding, Cottons Corner culvert and the Bus Timetable are
still outstanding. The other issues discussed at the previous meeting with
the Chief Executive of Herefordshire Council had been resolved. Cllrs Bosley,
Boyle, Whitehead were invited to attend the meeting on 7th March.
Cllr Boyle is unable to attend. It was agreed that Cllr Joyce-Townsend would
attend the meeting with Cllrs Bosley and Whitehead.


To note Information Sheet (circulated) – RESOLVED


To note Planning Record (circulated) – RESOLVED


Items for next meeting

  • Clustering Update
  • Coddington Notice Board
  • Policies and procedures to adopt
  • HM Diamond Jubilee 2012
  • Rosemount


35/12 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thursday 5th
April 2012


Councillors who were not members of the planning
committee left the meeting at 9.50pm.




Planning Applications to be considered – RESOLVED


N/120144/FH The Gardens, Foxhill, Bosbury, HR8 1QF

Extension, alterations and improvements to private

Comment: The Parish Council support this application but would like materials
used to be sympathetic to the existing


N120374/L Hop Stores and Kilns, Slatch Farm, Coddington, HR8 1JS

Demolish chimney and remove fireplace, reinstate oak
framing and panels. Form passageway from kitchen to dining room and forming
new walls and doorways to dining room, bedroom 1, bedroom 2 and kitchen.

Comment: The Parish Council support this application


To confirm response to Considered Applications – RESOLVED


To note decisions from Herefordshire Council – RESOLVED


  Meeting closed at 10.10pm