Minutes 1st September 2011


Present: Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), J Hayes, B Taylor, P Whitehead, M Watson, Mrs D Preece,G Blandord, M Hosking

In attendance: A Johnson (Ward Councillor), Mrs J Chester (clerk),

Members of Public: One

1. Apologies for Absence – Councillors R Crampton, Mrs J Boyle, Mrs J Rees, J Joyce-Townsend, C Attwood (Ward Councillor)
2. Declarations of Interest:
Cllrs Hayes, Whitehead and Hosking declared a personal interest in item 18.1.1 on the agenda – DMN/111909/FH & DMN/111910/L – Norbridge Farm, Bosbury, HR8 1JX.

3. To adopt the Minutes of the meeting held 4th August 2011
The previously circulated minutes were adopted and signed by the chairman as a correct record.
4. Matters arising from these minutes
No further information was reported on the “Clustering letter” that had been sent to other Parish Councils .
5. Report from Ward Councillor – A Johnson
Councillor Johnson reported that with the ongoing consultations on Local Development Framework, ward councillors had been asked to cascade information to ward members. It was suggested that a meeting for Hope End Ward be arranged and any councillor wishing to attend would advise the clerk. Cllr Johnson to advise date (probably during first two weeks of October). Parish Council members also asked if Cllr Johnson could find out a date for the demolition of Cottons Corner. ACTION – CLERK / WARD CLLR
Councillor Johnson left the meeting.
6. Open Forum – it was reported that two gulleys at the top of the village and the gulleys by Cottons Corner had not been cleaned during the recent gully cleaning by Amey. Clerk to contact Amey and request they are done. ACTION – CLERK

7. Highways/Footpaths
a) Traffic Speed Management – the discreet black box has been moved due to malfunctioning and trials continue. It was felt that the traffic lights currently at Cottons Corner were slowing the vehicles through the village and once the lights are removed an increase in speed will be seen. It was agreed that the letter drafted by Cllr Joyce-Townsend be sent to re-iterate the Parish Councils concerns, copy to be sent to Bosbury School. ACTION – CLERK
b) Report on Parish Walk with Amey – Cllr Bosley reported that the walk had gone well and described the various works completed and those still to be done. The school “flashing lights” will be switched on when the schools go back on 6th September. If the Parish Council wish to buy a Salt Bin the cost would be £54 plus VAT. Various locations were proposed within the centre of the village for easy accessibility when salt was needed to clear the pavements. A 20mph speed limit was requested between Catley Road and the school. The road sweeper is due through the village in the second week of September, flyers will be sent to put on cars advising so that they can be relocated. Amey are to liaise with the lengthsman so that he can clear pavement debris onto the road prior to the sweeper arriving. A request to be sent to Amey that the sweep is not done between 8am and 10am due to conjestion. If the road is closed at Cottons Corner a request to upgrade Suffield Lane can be sent to Herefordshire Council and Amey to ease traffic problems. There is a pothole by The Old Vicarge that needs repair.
c) Update from Footpath Warden – no report received as warden not present at the meeting
d) Works for the Lengthsman – the salt bin by Dowdings Brook is leaking, the 30mph sign is not visible when approaching the village from Cradley. There are concerns that the lengthsman is not doing some jobs given to him, the clerk is to prioritise the works order after asking what hours he has available.
e) Cottons Corner – a planning application has now been received. It is estimated that it will take one day to demolish the existing property. It is understood that services are disconnected. There is a flood concern with the nearby culvert.
8. Finance
a) The Financial Report previously circulated were agreed
b) Payments as per the Financial Report were agreed
c) Election Costs have been advised from Herefordshire Council of £80.34, invoice to follow

9. Update on Parish Plan
a) Crime & Safety – Cllrs Boyle and Taylor – Cllr Taylor has contacted Rob Hooper and asked him to circulate Crime Update.
b) Education – Cllr Watson – nothing to report.
c) Environment and Sustainability – Cllr Blandford – nothing to report
d) Facilities and Services – Cllrs Boyle and Rees – not present.
e) Housing and Planning – Cllrs Whitehead and Preece – nothing to report
f) Leisure and Tourism – Cllr Crampton – not present
g) Traffic, Transport and Access – Cllr Joyce-Townsend – not present

10. Correspondence:
a) Celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee 2012 – Cllr Rees to be asked to talk to Bosbury Parish Hall.
b) Parish Resilience Co-ordinators – Cllr Watson confirmed he will attend meeting. Clerk to advise Anthony Bush, Parish Liason Officer at Herefordshire Council. ACTION – CLLR WATSON

11. Communications
a) Website – deferred to October meeting. Cllr Crampton to be asked if he is happy to continue.

12. Consultation
a) “Joint Housing Strategy” – no further comments to be made, other than ten previously items raised.
b) Statement of Information Available to the Public under the Freedom of Information Act – It was agreed that the “Ditton” version was preferred. Two pages of information are to go on website. ACTION – CLLR WATSON
c) New Charter 2011 – no further comments made

13. Training
a) HALC – August Information Corner was made available

14. Information sheet (previously circulated) was approved
15. Planning Record (previously circulated) was approved
16. Items to be put on Agenda for next Parish Council Meeting
a) Parish Council Standing Orders, Donations Policy and Financial Risk Assessment Policy to be approved
b) The Pound
c) Notice Board at Forge Bank
d) Play Area
e) Section 106 monies
f) Response to Clustering Letter

17. Date, Time and Location of next meeting – Confirmed as Thursday 6th October 2011 at Bosbury Parish Hall 7.30pm

Councillors who are not members of the Planning Committee left the meeting.
18. Planning – To consider Planning Applications referred for comment

18.1.1 DMN/111909/FH & DMN/111910/L Norbridge Farm, Bosbury, Ledbury, HR8 1JX
Enclosed lobby and separate exercise pool room

PC Comment: The Parish Council support this application. They wish to ensure that the exercise
pool room is to be used only for personal use and not for future commercial use.

18.1.2 DMN/111804/F Cottons Corner, Bosbury, Ledbury, HR8 1HB
The proposed development of a replacement dwelling situated rear of existing property.

PC Comment: The Parish Council support the requirement for a new property in principle.
However, the Parish Council have the following concerns with the application:-
1. The existing culvert under the B4220/B4124 being only 600mm diameter is not adequate to
take flood water which is a known risk to the whole site.
2. The Parish Council would like to see the foundations and footprint of the proposed new property raised by half a metre to ensure flood water does not enter the new property.
3. The Parish Council would urge planners to consult with the Highways Department as there are safety issues with the proposed access to the new property and a splayed entrance would be very helpful.

18.2 To Confirm the Response to Applications Considered between Meetings: None at Present
18.3 Details of Decision Notices Received from Hereford Council: Noted

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.30pm.

Signed……………………………………………….. Dated………………………………….