Minutes 2.2.17

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting, 2.2.17, Bosbury Parish Hall, 7.45pm

Councillors Sven Bosley (Chairman), Joe Hayes, Matt Hosking, Rachel Lovering, Julie Baker, Patrick Whitehead, Liz Cooke, Mark Andrews, Gian Carlo Paganuzzi, Tim Newsholme, John Joyce-Townsend, Charlie Ferrier
In attendance
Tony Johnson – Ward Councillor
Leanne Rex – Parish Clerk
Public: 12
1.0 To Accept Apologies for Absence and Note the Reason
Julia Boyle (holiday)
2.0 To Record any Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
3.0 To approve the Minutes of the Previous Parish Council Meeting
1.12.16 minutes agreed to be accurate; approved and signed by the chair.
4.0 To Receive Brief Report from Ward Councillor Tony Johnson
Budget: will be set 3.2.17 for y/e Apr 2018. Council Tax increase by 3.9% (normally 1.9%) to fund adult social care, approx. £50 pa increase to a Band D house. Hfds has the lowest average earnings in England.
Med Term Capital Programme financial strategy: couple outstanding claims against Amey which hopefully will be successful, plus selling small estates will help ease spending on roads.
Roads: resurfaced over 300 miles and 200,000 potholes filled.
University: appointed Vice Chancellor from America, 1st cohort of 40 students 2018/19, increasing by 400 pa, needs 1000 students to be self supporting; HC helping with business case for Govt funding.
Care: increasing pressure from central Govt on managing and funding care; although people are living longer they are not necessarily living healthily longer; Hfds av. age is 4-5 years above national av.
Question from PW: Is there a push to bring more business into the county to increase revenue from business rates?
Answer from TJ: big focus on that, land virtually all let at Rotherwas; trying to attract big employers.
5.0 Beanfield Planning Appeal Update (160450 Land to the east of Brook Lane, Bosbury)
Appeal was lodged September ’16. The planning appeal inspector is Mr Bridewater, to be held on 14.2.17 at Hereford Town Hall at 10am, members of the public are welcome. A site visit will be made on the same day; the PC will be represented by PW and MH. There have been 28 representations from the parish asking for the appeal to be dismissed plus the 53 representations from the 1st application that was refused. The NDP clearly sets out the wishes of the parish and PW/MH will highlight this at the appeal.
6.0 Public Participation Session for Local Residents to Raise Matters Relevant to the Parish Council
6.1 The resident at The Vicarage raised concern over speed of the traffic through the village. The Chairman requested that as this was tabled later in the meeting that it be covered then.

7.0 Correspondence / Discussion / Governance
7.1 Update re Forge Bank Amenity area
Land Registry process has been completed to register the land in the name of the Parish Council.
G Merrick due to start fencing 9.2.17.
7.2 Neighbourhood Development Plan
The NDP was registered on the HC website on 16.11.16 for Reg 16 consultation process to 11 Jan. Some comments raised, nothing fundamental; examiner appointed for early April to confirm compliance with core strategy, then parish vote for adoption.
7.3 Catley Phonebox
BT are consulting to close 132 phone boxes inc the 1935 vintage box at Catley. Awaiting date for BT to remove the phone; residents repair and maintain the box; £1 fee to transfer from BT; BT remove phone cabling but leave the lights and pay for the electric for the light for 5-7 years; PC pay for the paint circa £80-100 and additional insurance premium through Came and Co £14.13. The phonebox becomes a PC asset.
7.4 Recruitment of new Clerk
The Councillors discussed the unsuccessful recruitment process and the rate offered.
This item is subject to a confidential minute to be approved by Councillors at the next meeting.
7.5 Bus Cuts
Response received from Cllr Rone focused on limited funding causing bus cuts.
8.0 Highways/Footpaths/Lengthsman
8.1 Sign for Brook Lane
Completed. The meeting thanked JJT for installing and JB (ABE) for courier.
8.2 SIDs data
JJT presented the November SID data:

Cradley End: Ledbury End:
Av Speed: 25.62 mph 23mph
Max speed: 51 mph 60mph
Travel < 30mph 85% 93.75 Travel 31 -4 0mph 14% 5.91% Travel > 40mph 0.75% 0.29%

Confirmed the data was good and the invoice (when received) could be paid.
A small hardcore of motorists will ignore the speed limits. Housing density precludes a 40mph staggered speed limit. All of the actions taken for speed management (verges, planting, fencing, road surface, SIDs etc.) have all contributed to the reduction. The only action outstanding is the cutting of the Cradley end hedge to create a more manicured look before the end of Feb by MA.
Query raised why Ashperton have speed checking – because it is an A road and visibility allows use of camera.
Defer decision re additional SID base to next meeting. JJT
JJT will write to request a police presence in the village for speed checking. JJT
JJT would take advice from a contact if there are any further actions the PC could take. JJT
8.3 New Burial Ground
Work complete and G Day has repaired the entrance damage.
8.4 Clearing River Leadon
Work to clear silt and branches past Bridge House to help the flow has been completed by G Day, invoice received £816 inc VAT.
8.5 Signage on footpaths BZ23, BZ20, BZ18
Footpath signage unclear raised by Ashperton PC; James Boyce has walked the paths and will clear some overhanging bush and replace some way markers.
Waymarkers do not last long – fade in the sunlight.
JH to investigate more durable aluminium way markers (like Cradley PC) ASAP . JH
8.6 Footbridge over Stoney Brook
Clerk to circulate Cllr Rone’s response – basically the bridge is not a high enough priority to secure funding.
Clerk to write to Cllr Rone thanking him for inc the bridge in the capital programme, asking for confirmation of Summer 17 replacement and highlighting the complaints received by the footpaths officer that the thorough fare is impeded. LR
Clerk to find out from Came and Co what the PC liability would be if the PC replaced the bridge. LR
8.7 To discuss new highways/footpath issues
Road surface becoming dangerous from Cottons Corner to Bosbury village. Clerk to log. LR
Road surface becoming dangerous on C1160 from bridge to the village. Clerk to log. LR
Blocked drain/water on highway–C1152 100m after C1159 intersection going West, opp. Salt Box cott. LR
8.8 Lengthsman Scheme
Lengthsman/P3 Expenditure Forecast to 31.3.17
This is due to HC by 19.2.17.
Chase Seabright for latest invoice. LR
Budget approved £1000 inc Vat to purchase multi tool and safety gear for footpaths officer (brush cutter,hedge cutter, strimmer) funded by P3 grant. All in favour; JH to purchase. JH
Clerk to circulate outstanding lengthsman budget to LWP to consider outstanding tasks. LR/LWP
Then Clerk to submit forecast to HC by 19.2 LR
8.9 Annual Lengthsman Maintenance Plan
The plan was reviewed, lengthsman figures to be corrected to be in line with the grant requested; JH to update. Clerk to add generic P3 statements using the current BB contract terminology as guidance. JH/LR

9.0 Finance
9.1 To Agree Finance Report and Bank Balances
The meeting agreed the above.
9.2 To Agree Payments of outstanding accounts as per finance report
The following were all agreed:
686 Bosbury Parish Hall £118.57 688 Clerk £715.24
687 G Day £516.00 689 Expenses £52.11
9.3 Vat reclaim
The VAT reclaim for y/e 31.3.16 has been submitted for £505.56
10.0 Training / Meetings
10.1 To note dates and decide attendees for meetings
PW/MH Beanfield planning appeal 14.2.17
10.2 To Receive Reports from any meetings attended
11.0 To Note & Review the Information & Outstanding Actions Sheet
12.0 To note Date and Time of next scheduled meeting
Thursday 2nd March, 2017, 7.30pm, Bosbury Parish Hall
13.0 To raise items for the next scheduled Parish Council meeting (no discussion)

The meeting closed at 21.45