Minutes 2nd February 2012

Bosbury and Coddington Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish
Council meeting held on Thursday 2nd February 2012 at 7.30pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), Mrs
J Boyle (Vice Chairman), B Taylor, R Crampton, J Hayes, P Whitehead, Mrs D
Preece, G Blandford, M Hosking and M Watson


In attendance

C Attwood – Ward Councillor, Janet
Chester – Parish Clerk

J Joyce-Townsend and R Eaton


Public: 2


1/12 Apologies
– Ward Councillor A Johnson, Councillor Mrs J Rees, James Boyce
(Footpath Warden) 2/12
Declarations of Interest
 – as recorded
in declarations book


of Councillor
Item Personal Prejudicial
Cllr J Hayes Purchase of salt spreader


Cllr S Bosley Agenda Item 20.2.1 DMN/113253/FH Land Off Colwall
Road, HR8 1JP


Cllr G Blandford Agenda Item 20.2.1 DMN/113253/FH Land Off Colwall
Road, HR8 1JP


Cllr B Taylor Agenda Item 20.2.1 DMN/113253/FH Land Off Colwall
Road, HR8 1JP


Cllr Mrs D Preece Agenda Item 20.2.1 DMN/113253/FH Land Off Colwall
Road, HR8 1JP


Cllr M Hosking Agenda Item 20.2.1 DMN/113253/FH Land Off Colwall
Road, HR8 1JP




To accept minutes of the previous meetings held on 3rd November 2011 and 8th
December 2011 (previously circulated)

Minutes of the previous meetings were confirmed as a
true and accurate record and signed by the Chairman.  


To receive a report from Ward Councillor:

Herefordshire Council are holding a meeting on 3rd
February. The main topic will be the budget. They will be looking at ways of
reducing costs. Devolving responsibility to parish councils from
Herefordshire Council is an option eg not producing black bin bags for refuse
collection. Concern was raised that Herefordshire Council are telling us this
after we have decided on precept. The effect of the “cluster meeting” is
reverberating throughout the county. It was suggested that rather than be
told what to do the parish council must choose what it wants to do –
grassroots up rather than mandate down. Cllr Attwood reported that despite
rumours to the contrary broadband is on course. Cllr Attwood was asked to
find out what duties are planned to be passed down to parish councils.


Open forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish

The ditches in Brook Lane are being done.  There was concern over the state of
Vicarage Road behind Old Court. With Cottons Corner now open there was a
question of whether speeds through the village will now increase. The Stanley
Hill to Catley Bridleway is moving up the list.


Appointment of new councillors

The two vacancies on the parish council had been
previously advertised.

Two people had expressed an interest in becoming
councillors – John Joyce-Townsend and Rob Eaton. They were both duly co-opted
onto the parish council.


New Councillor Declarations

The two newly appointed councillors were given New
Councillor Packs and the Code of Conduct and they signed Declarations of
Acceptance of Office  


Systems, Procedures and Protocol

Concerns were raised that not all councillors were
aware of the “Cluster Meeting”. Better communication is needed. It was
decided that all councillors need to know the correct procedures and
protocols. The parish council need to adopt governance procedures and have
supporting documentation for committee procedures. The clerk is currently
collating all the information. Cllr Watson volunteered to look into the
necessary policies. Delegated or deferred powers of committees and how they
are executed need clarifying.



Highways and Footpaths

a)    Traffic
Speed Management / SID Data – the clerk was asked to email Cllr
Joyce-Townsend the data

b)    Update
from Footpath Warden – clerk will email asking for update

c)    Works
for the Lengthsman – RESOLVED that
the clerk will advise lengthsman to:-

  • Purchase and installation of slabs at Coddington
  • Clean roadsigns at Cottons Corner

The clerk
will also chase Amey regarding the Foxhill grit bin.



Finance Report RESOLVED

Payments RESOLVED:

  • Herefordshire Council  – SID deployment
  • Seabright Solutions – mowing
  • S Maund Lengthsman
  • Clerks Salary and Expenses
  • Bosbury Parish Hall – room hire
  • JH Landscapes – salt/grit spreader

10.3 2012/13 Precept
Herefordshire Council has confirmed £10000

10.4 PWLB Loan – outstanding loan
amount confirmed as £4284.40


Free room hire is to be requested from Bosbury
Parish Hall in lieu of loans for refurbishment.

The spreader cost is to come out of the lengthsman
budget. It is to be publicized (notice board, website and Network 5) that the
spreader is held at the pub and is for public roads and spaces. Clerk to be
contact point.


Parish Plan Reports
– there is no need for annual reports or for
individual reports RESOLVED



a)    Website
– photos are still required for the website. In April we will need to renew
sponsors. It was suggested to approach Parish Hall to discuss amalgamating
websites. RESOLVED Cllr Hosking to
advertise in Network 5 for someone to take on the website. Cllr Crampton to
bring to next meeting website statistics.

b)    The
new Network 5 contact details are to be emailed to all councillors



a)    Project
Group – RESOLVED that this group
will pick through the parish plan for ideas. Ideas are to be circulated prior
to full council meeting to enable vote to be held at meeting.

b)    Community
Technology Grant – the parish council will need a projector and screen to
view future planning applications. Suggested that parish council hire from
village hall. The Parish Hall Committee is making the application. RESOLVED that Cllr Hosking is to
liaise with Hall Committee. The Parish Council authorise him to negotiate
upto half of the 20% cost.

c)    Code
of Conduct – the current code lapses in July. It is believed that Herefordshire
Council / HALC will issue a new code which the parish council will view
before adopting.

d)    Clustering
– the proposal from the cluster meeting was that the 14 parish councils
appoint a clustering co-ordinator communication link for ideas and information
to be collated quickly. It was felt that the smaller parish councils may feel
overwhelmed by what will come their way and would appreciate help from larger
parish councils. Whether small or large each parish council would have an
equal voice. The cluster idea is to be run with for 12 months then reviewed.
Cllr Whitehead has so far received 6 responses from parishes wishing to be
part of the Ledbury Clustering Group. RESOLVED
that Cllr Whitehead is appointed Bosbury and Coddington co-ordinator.

e)    HM
Diamond Jubilee Celebration 2012 – RESOLVED
that Cllr Boyle will explore mugs, coins etc

f)     Mowing
Contractor 2012/13 – RESOLVED that
the clerk will ask Seabright for a quote in principle.

g)    Hereford
Council Play Facilities and Action Plans Draft Consultation – deferred to
March Meeting


Training –
HALC training dates were noted. RESOLVED that Cllr Whitehead to attend Neighbourhood Planning
Event on 8th February.


To note Information Sheet (circulated) – RESOLVED


To note Planning Record (circulated) – RESOLVED


Items for next meeting

  • Hereford Council Play Facilities and Action Plans
    Draft Consultation
  • Bosbury Play Area
  • Clustering Update
  • Coddington Notice Board in centre of village
  • Update on Community Technology Grant
  • Policies and procedures to adopt


18/12 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thursday 1st
March 2012


Councillors who were not members of the planning
committee left the meeting at 9.50pm.




Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting held 9th January adopted –


Planning Applications to be considered – RESOLVED


DMN/113541/F Land Off Colwall Road, Bosbury, HR8 1JP

Use of land for stationing of caravans for
residential purposes and 1no gypsy pitch together with formation of
additional hardstanding and single storey utility/day room and associated
landscaping ancillary to that use

Comment: The Parish Council support this application but would not like to
see any further similar development on this site and the adjacent land


N/120070/F Norbridge Farm, Bosbury HR8 1JX

Two solar PV trackers in the field west of house

withdrawn prior to meeting


To confirm responses to Considered Applications – RESOLVED


To note decisions from Herefordshire Council – RESOLVED


  Meeting closed at 10.05pm