Minutes 4th October 2012



Parish Clerk: Janet Chester

Mapleside, Ashperton, Ledbury, HR8 2RZ

Tel: 01531 670036




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 4th October 2012 at 7.30pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), Mrs J Boyle (Vice Chairman), J Hayes, J Joyce-Townsend, Mrs D Preece and P Whitehead 


In attendance

C Attwood & A Johnson – Ward Councillors, James Boyce – Footpath Officer, Janet Chester – Parish Clerk


Public: 2



126/12 Apologies Received – Cllr G Blandford (work), Cllr M Watson (work), Cllr B Taylor (another commitment)


127/12 Declarations of Interest  –


Cllr Name                  Agenda Item Nature of Interest
Cllr J Hayes 18.1.3 Planning Application N121594/F- Nutt Cottage, Bosbury, HR8 1JX Neighbour


128/12 To approve minutes of the meeting held on 6th September 2012 (previously circulated)

The minutes were approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the chairman.


129/12 To receive a report from Ward Councillors:

Cllr Johnson had brought along maps of the Buchanan Trust as requested. He will also forward copies of recent minutes to the clerk.

He reported that at the upcoming HALC AGM there will be advice on a list of what parish councils can do rather than Herefordshire Council and discussions on how to deliver services to residents and areas eg. If half a dozen parish councils took on the repair of potholes in their area would the contract price change? Cllr Johnson advised that that day proposals over social care provision were delivered and discussed at length, but would go to an overview and audit scrutiny committee before going back to the director to make a decision. It had been agreed not to charge carers and the principle of full cost recovery would be means tested, but should rural residents be subsidized by urban residents for travel?

Signatures had been received so work will now start on the old Hereford Cattle market site. The decision regarding the refurbishment of the Butter Market in Hereford had been deferred.

Thirty percent of government funding will be lost over the next five years (six and a half percent per year) which may result in a tax more, do less, work smarter combination.


Cllr Attwood reported that a visit had been made to look at flooding risks in Bosbury and Cradley by Herefordshire Council and Amey. Councillors expressed their disappointment that no parish councillors were made aware of this visit happening and were unable to give their local knowledge and opinion. It was felt this is typical of Herefordshire Councils lack of communication with parish councils. Cllr Attwood was asked to feedback what information was gained before any decision is made.

Planning permission has been gained for an incinerator at Hartlebury but there is currently no business plan, this could become a significant part of Herefordshire Councils budget, it is a £54m joint project with Worcestershire with Herefordshire having a 25% share.


130/12 To co-opt any new councilors

It was decided that there were insufficient numbers of councillors present to co-opt new members. Matter deferred until November meeting.


131/12 Open forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council

The road sweeper had swept through the village recently but was only able to do one side of the road due to parked cars. The clerk was asked to speak to Amey and ask why as done previously they had not given the parish council 5 days notice of their intentions so that residents could be made aware and move their cars.

The culvert at Cottons Corner is OK but is backing up because water entering it cannot get away the other end due to a blockage, ditches are to be dug out which should alleviate this problem..


132/12  Highways and Footpaths

a)    Traffic Speed Management / SID Data – Cllr Joyce-Townsend has gathered further information including a Department of Transport document from July 2012 setting local speed limits. The local police are now exercising speed enforcement through the village. RESOLVED Cllr Joyce-Townsend was authorized by the parish council to pursue this matter further on the parish councils behalf.

Anthony Bush has arranged a meeting on Tuesday 20th November at Brockington for all local parish councils to raise / discuss their speeding concerns with other interested parties.

It was decided to publicize what the parish council has been trying to do and what has been achieved with regard to speeding.  RESOLVED Cllr Joyce-Townsend to draft a flyer for inclusion in the November edition of Network 5. Copies of the flyer to be sent to Cllr Boyle to be circulated through Coddington.

As a result of the hard work of Cllr Joyce-Townsend the local bus timetable has been altered to connect with the trains at Ledbury.

b)    Letter to Clive Hall – we have received a reply to our letter to Clive Hall which is effectively a no to our proposals. RESOLVED Cllr Joyce-Townsend will draft a further letter to send.

c)    Update from Footpath Warden – the crops had now been cleared and fields ploughed. Farmers have three weeks after cultivation to re-install the footpaths.

d)    Works for the Lengthsman –

  • ·         jobs previously advised to him have been completed
  • ·         Brook Lane – lengthsman to check potholes, ditches and drains and report any necessary work required, also the Pound Area by the church and burial ground.
  • ·         Cottons Corner – sight lines need addressing. RESOLVED that Cllr Hayes is to obtain three quotes for the required work.

e)    The clerk is to request that Amey place a saltbox at the top of Foxhill by Hayloe Cottage.


133/12 Finance

a)    Finance Report RESOLVED

b)    Payments RESOLVED:

  • ·         Clerks Salary and Expenses

c)    2013/14 Precept – RESOLVED – a finance group is to be set up. Members to be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Past Chairman and clerk/RFO. This group will meet to discuss budget and requirement for precept then report back to full council where decision will be made.

d)     At the recent cluster meeting it was decided to request a small contribution from each parish council towards the cluster expenses and funding, Bosbury were to be asked for £35. Approval of this payment to be made at November meeting.


134/12 Update on the Parish Plan RESOLVED that each councillor has an area of responsibility as stated in the Parish Plan. Cllr Boyle to speak to Jenny Rees. Each councillor to report quarterly to the parish council. Next report due January 2013.  If we require any help with the parish plan, Mel Preedy of HALC has offered her support.


135/12 Correspondence

a)    Herefordshire Council “Your Community, Your Say” – event held 24th September. Around 200 people attended. Cllr Whitehead will forward outcome/responses to the clerk.

b)    HALC – offer of hosting a parish meeting to encourage new councillors. RESOLVED that the clerk would check if The Old Boys School was available for Monday 19th November and then liaise with Lynda Wilcox of HALC.


136/12 Communications

a)    Website – Frank Seabright is available to help with the website until the new year. The clerk is to thank him for his help and ask him to liaise with Rob Crampton.  Annie Kay is to give us her hourly rate. A flyer is to be prepared asking for a new person willing to take on the website.


137/12 Consultation/Discussion

a)      Emergency Resilience Plan – deferred to November meeting

b)      Coddington Notice Board – currently being made, will advise when it is ready for use.


138/12 Policies and Procedures

138.1 Donations Policy – deferred to November meeting


139/12 Training –

a)    HALC training dates were noted. Cllr Whitehead wishes to attend the AGM. The clerk is to book him a place. The clerk wishes to attend a number of course to help enable her to obtain her CiLCA qualification, this was AGREED.


140/12 To note HALC Information Sheet (circulated) – RESOLVED


141/12 To note Planning Record (circulated) – RESOLVED


142/12 Items for next meeting

  • ·         Donations Policy
  • ·         Emergency Resilience Plan
  • ·         Clive Hall response to our letter
  • ·         Contractor to do Cottons Corner work
  • ·         Councillor Vacancies
  • ·         Website co-ordinator
  • ·         Ledbury Rural Parishes Cluster Group


143/12 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thurs 1st November 2012


Councillors who were not members of the planning committee left the meeting at 9.15pm.


144/12 Planning


144.1 Planning Applications to be considered

144.1.1 N122348/F Slatch Farm, Coddington, HR8 1JS

              Change of use of Dutch Barn to caravan store

              PC Comment: The Parish Council support this application

144.1.2 N121528/FH Rawlinson End, Coddington, HR8 1JJ

               Removal of existing front & side porch. Erection of a single

               storey front extension (porch), a single storey side extension

               and dormer windows to front & rear 

              PC Comment: The Parish Council support this application

144.1.3 N121594/F Nutt Cottage, Bosbury, HR8 1JX

              Restoration and extension of former dwelling     

              PC Comment: The parish council support this application,

              But would like to see that materials used are sympathetic to

              those existing and the surrounding area. The footprint is not to

              be extended further than that of this application.


144.2 To confirm response to Considered Applications – NOTED as per planning record


144.3 To note decisions from Herefordshire Council – NOTED as per planning record            


  Meeting closed at 9.40pm






Signed…………………………….    Dated……………………………….