Minutes 5th April 2012



Parish Clerk: Janet Chester

Mapleside, Ashperton,
Ledbury, HR8 2RZ

Tel: 01531 670036


Minutes of the Parish
Council meeting held on Thursday 5th April 2012 at 7.30pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), Mrs J Boyle (Vice
Chairman), P Whitehead, Mrs D Preece, Mrs J Rees, G Blandford, M Hosking, J
Hayes, R Crampton and J Joyce-Townsend


In attendance

T Johnson – Ward Councillor, Janet Chester – Parish
Clerk, J Boyce – Footpath Warden


Public: 1


37/12 Apologies
– Ward Councillor C Attwood (funeral), Councillors B Taylor
(holiday), M Watson and R Eaton (work commitments) 38/12
Declarations of Interest
 – none

To accept minutes of the previous meetings held on 2nd February 2012 (previously

Mrs J Rees requested an amendment to the minutes
28/12 c) – that the clerk is writing to Pat Matthews not Mrs Rees. Clerk to
amend minutes and recirculate for approval at the May meeting.


To receive a report from Ward Councillor:

Cllr Johnson advised that Herefordshire Council held
a meeting today about the old cattle market development. It is to be a large
retail development with many large retailers already signed up. This
development should bring 1000 new jobs to Hereford and an additional £2.6
million income from business rates. The proposal is that Blue School Street
is to be pedestrianised and a new link road will run from Aylston Hill to
Edgar Street. Demolition has started and Phase 1 of the work is scheduled to
be completed autumn 2013 in time for the christmas trade. The remaining work
will be completed by autumn 2014. A new 600 space car park is being built.
Local companies will be invited to tender for work carried out. Concerns were
raised about the ring road, the development is a good idea but the council
needs to think how rural people are going to access it, is a park and ride
being considered? Also are the shops in the existing town being looked after
and are the plans available for public viewing?

Also the Boundary Commission is looking to reduce
Herefordshire councilor numbers from 58 to 54. Worries were expressed that
this may affect county MP’s and could result in an MP looking after two
counties interests and thus having divided loyalties. It was agreed that
attention should be on this county alone.


Open forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish

The play area is an area of concern, especially the
boundary fence. The grass area is fine but cans, bottles and broken off angle
irons are being discarded. It was designed to be an area for younger children
but older teenagers have been seen drinking there and are intimidating local
residents. All councillors were asked to visit the play area and bring any
ideas along to the May meeting.


Highways and Footpaths

a)    Traffic
Speed Management / SID Data – Councillor Joyce-Townsend had circulated latest
results which showed there was a problem. A further meeting is to be held
WITH Herefordshire Council. It is possible that speed camera signs could be
installed either end of the village. It was RESOLVED to set up a traffic committee, members confirmed as
Cllrs Joyce-Townsend, Hosking, Hayes and Whitehead. The hope is that in
future we may have no need for the SID deployments.

b)    Update
from Footpath Warden – a kissing gate and bridge have been installed by the
ramblers along the Hereford Way by Bentleys Farm. The clerk was asked to
request more way markers

c)    Works
for the Lengthsman – RESOLVED that
the clerk will advise/chase lengthsman to:-

  • Attend Lengthsman trianing course 23rd
  • Clear road gutters throughout village and check
    weekly as ongoing problem

d)    Dowdings
Brook Survey– a report had been received stating that further work will be
carried out in the autumn.

e)    Morton
Cottages drains – clerk has contacted both Festival Housing and Herefordshire
Council asking them to liaise and resolve the problem.



Finance Report RESOLVED

Payments RESOLVED:

  • Clerks Salary and Expenses
  • Herefordshire Council SID deployment £240.00
  • SLCC clerks manual £47.00
  • Lengthsman – £637.00
  • HALC Neighbourhood Planning Event Fee – £5.00


Parish Plan 

deferred as Cllr Watson dealing with but not able to attend tonights meeting



a)    Website
– Cllr Hosking has liaised with other website co-ordinators about
amalgamating various websites, he is awaiting the responses.

b)    Items
have been sent for inclusion in Network 5. It was AGREED to submit the meeting minutes each month with clerk as
contact point.



a)    Church
Tower Clock maintenance – it was RESOLVED
that the Parish Church are in charge of the work but that the parish council
will give a donation of £100 per year for the next three years towards the

b)    Parish
Clustering – Cllr Whitehead reported that a degree of encouragement had been
received in the last two weeks in that Cllr Harvey from Ledbury had
approached the group for its opinion on the Mary Portas idea. Although only
two days notice was given the co-ordination set up allowed for replies to be
received and forwarded.


Council Tax – Precept. It was confirmed that the
precept of £10000 had been agreed. This amount was requested because the
parish council want to become more proactive and would use the money to help
road safety and speeding and for training needs as a result of the Localism


d)    HM
Diamond Jubilee Celebration 2012 – Cllr Boyle has explored the options
available and it was RESOLVED that
the parish council will give each child under 16 in the parishes a
commemorative coin (approx. 200). The clerk has put a notice in Network 5 and
is starting to receive responses. The clerk will order the coins.


e)    The
new notice board has been installed at Forge Bank. A letter of thanks is to
be sent to Mr Preece. Cllr Boyle has earmarked a site in Coddington for a new
notice board and will confirm when it has been installed.


f)     Rosemount
– despite letters being sent to the owner no response had been received to
date, therefore it was RESOLVED
that the clerk is to advise Hereford Council of the dangerous structures and
ask them to pursue.


g)    Request
for donation from Ledbury CVA – it was RESOLVED
that no donation could be made as funds are not available. It was also RESOLVED that the Donations Policy is
to be reviewed.


Policies and Procedures

The clerk has drafted a number of policies which
will be circulated to all before adopting at the May meeting.


Training –

a)    HALC
training dates were noted. RESOLVED that
Clerk will attend General Power of Competence on 19th April.

b)    Report
on Vision 20/20 event – Cllr Whitehead had attended this event and reported
that it was very well attended. Eric Pickles spoke for over an hour and there
was a question and answer session chaired by Bill Wiggin. It focused on how
Hereford will change by 2020 with business development, schools and on parish
groups being involved in local decision making.


To note Information Sheet (circulated) – RESOLVED


To note Planning Record (circulated) – RESOLVED


Items for next meeting

  • Play Area
  • Litter in roads / lanes
  • Policies and procedures to adopt
  • Transport sub-committee report


52/12 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thursday 10th
May 2012


Councillors who were not members of the planning
committee left the meeting at 9.40pm.






Planning Applications to be considered – RESOLVED


N/120333/F Woodlands, Stanley Hill Court Farm, Bosbury, HR8 1HE

Proposed change of use of woodland spinney to
woodland garden within cartilage. Open post and rail fence with gates at
Northern Boundary (retrospective). Greenhouse/potting shed within current
cartilage (retrospective). Proposed erection of open post and rail fence to
Eastern boundary.

Comment: The Parish Council do not support this application on the basis that
it is contrary to the original approval conditions given on 8th
December 2008.


N120564/F & N120565/L Bradleys Cottage (formerly Spring Cottage), Bosbury,

Demolition of existing porch and replace with new
porch, single storey rear extension, repairs and renewals to existing timber
framing, provision of stable and garage block, enclosure of field OS and
formation of new access and driveway.

Comment: The Parish Council cannot support this application solely because of
the footprint of the garage and stable block which is not in proportion to
the listed building but commend the application for the proposed works to
Bradleys Cottage.


To confirm response to Considered Applications – RESOLVED


To note decisions from Herefordshire Council – RESOLVED


  Meeting closed at 10.10pm