Minutes 6th December 2012




Parish Clerk: Janet Chester

Mapleside, Ashperton, Ledbury, HR8 2RZ

Tel: 01531 670036




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 6th December 2012 at 7.30pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), Mrs J Boyle (Vice Chairman), G Blandford, J Joyce-Townsend and P Whitehead 


In attendance

J Boyce – Footpath Warden, J Chester – Parish Clerk


Public: 4



162/12 Apologies Received – Ward Councillors C Attwood and T Johnson (other meetings) Cllrs J Hayes, B Taylor, M Watson & Mrs D Preece


163/12 Declarations of Interest  –


Cllr Name                  Agenda Item Nature of Interest
All councillors 7c – 2013/14 precept All resident in parishes for precept



Cllr Mrs J Boyle 8c – Donation to Coddington parish for Queens Diamond Jubilee Trees Organising group member


164/12 To approve minutes of the meeting held on 1st November 2012 (previously circulated)

The minutes were approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the chairman.


165/12 To receive a report from Ward Councillors:

Cllrs Attwood and Johnson had sent their apologies.


166/12 Open forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council

Representatives from Coddington Court were present at the meeting to introduce themselves and outline their plans for the school which is now a Buddhist retreat. An open day had been held for all local residents to attend to primarily discuss the wetlands at the court. The storm water and sewerage drains had been separated to alleviate the pollution problem. A planning application is to be submitted to Herefordshire Council shortly. The Chairman welcomed them to the parish on behalf of the parish council.

Flooding is a cause of great concern. Sandbags are available for residents to collect from Old Court. Debris under the bridge is Herefordshire Councils responsibility. The camber of the road is pushing water into the village rather than out. The problems had been explained to Cllr Russell Hamilton who had visited recently and a response from him is still awaited. It was decided to arrange an open meeting for all residents to attend together with ward councilors, members of Herefordshire Council and the Environment Agency. The date of the meeting is to be publicised in Network 5.

The clerk is to chase Amey on previously reported road problems.


167/12  Highways and Footpaths

a)    Traffic Speed Management / SID Data –

Cottons Corner – the lengthsman has cleared the railings to improve visibility at this junction. Due to an accident the railings are in need of repair, the clerk is to advise Herefordshire Council.

b)    Flooding – as discussed in Open Forum above. Cllrs Bosley, Blandford and Mr R Lane of the Flood Defence Committee had met with Cllr Russell Hamilton from Herefordshire Council on 13th November to discuss flooding concerns. Main points discussed were the camber on the road was pushing water into the village and also the water from the top of the village flowing down the road into the village centre. Cllr Whitehead was annoyed that he had not been included and resigned from the Flood Defence Committee with immediate effect. The Chairman apologized and thanked Cllr Whitehead for all his past help.

c)    Update from Footpath Warden – due to the current weather footpaths are obviously very wet and muddy. J Boyce had attended a footpath wardens meeting. Hereford Local Access Forum are recording footpaths that are not already registered, Cllr Bosley and J Boyce to put a list together to send to them. Mr Boyce stated that there is a grant available for improving disabled access. It is the landowners responsibility that any gates/stiles/cross-steps on their land are kept in good repair. There is a proposal to charge farmers for any damage to fingerposts by hedgetrimmers.

d)    Works for the Lengthsman – RESOLVED

i)    Hazard poles in Coddington need cleaning of any mud

ii)   Clean mud off all road signs through both villages

iii)  Sandy Lane grips need clearing

iv) The Give Way sign Suffield to main road is in need of attention

v)  Hazard poles are needed at Great Catley C1159 and at the cross to Coddington C1176

vi) Amey are to be asked to clean road and ditches between Coddington village and Slatchwood

vii) C1152 Englands Bridge – railings need reinstating

viii)  The clerk is to chase Amey re the required repairs at the Wharf at Staplow

ix)  The clerk is to query with Amey the need for a bend/skid sign and barrier at Temple Court Lodge due to the safety aspect of the deep roadside ditch


168/12 Finance

a)    Finance Report RESOLVED

b)    Payments RESOLVED:

  • ·         Clerks Salary and Expenses – as agreed
  • ·         Seabright Solutions – £210
  • ·         Bruce Pallett – £20
  • ·         LRP Cluster Group – £35
  • ·         HALC – £30
  • ·         PLWB – £452

The clerk is to write and thank Bruce Pallett for the new notice board in Coddington.

c)    2013/14 Precept – RESOLVED – a dispensation was granted for councillors to discuss the precept. As there were many councilors not present at this meeting it was proposed to decide the final precept requirement at the 10th January 2013 meeting.


169/12 Correspondence

a)    Affordable Housing Development Upper Court Road Bosbury – the clerk had received an email from Festival Housing enquiring if the parish council would be willing for Festival to build new affordable homes on this site and possibly on the land owned by the parish council. Cllr Whitehead had gained more information from Festival. The proposal was still at concept stage, it would be the first development in Herefordshire to be a code 6 Eco friendly plan. The Parish Plan had deemed six houses were necessary with an affordable housing requirement. The clerk had found in the records that the Conveyance drawn up when the parish council had purchased the land had a clause in it that there should be no building on the site. The clerk had also found previous correspondence asking for this clause to be removed but could not find any final decision. The question was raised that if the clause can be removed does the parish council want to allow building on the play area? It was RESOLVED that if building was allowed then Festival would have to provide play area elsewhere in the village. The Clerk is to contact Masefield Solicitors again to chase the deeds.

b)    Website – the clerk is to email Frank Seabright for an update.

c)    Request for grant from Coddington for Queens Diamond Jubilee Trees – (agenda item 10a was brought forward to enable a decision to be made on this matter). It was RESOLVED that the parish council would make a grant available for this project.


170/12 Consultation/Discussion

a)      Emergency Resilience Plan – deferred to January meeting as Cllr Watson is currently working on an update and will circulate to all once complete.

b)      Parish Plan – deferred to January meeting

c)      Relationship between parish councils and Ledbury Rural Parishes Cluster Group – concerns were raised about the cluster group and what it can do, another level of bureaucracy is not wanted. It is to be ensured that the cluster group does not make decisions itself and that any that are to be made are made by the individual parish councils. The idea of the cluster group is to share skills and knowledge and become a “bigger voice” to raise shared concerns and issues. Cllr Whitehead resigned as Bosbury & Coddington Parish Council Cluster Co-ordinator, it is hoped he will reconsider.


171/12 Policies and Procedures

171.1 Donations Policy – Cllr Watson had sent amendments to the clerk who had typed it up and circulated to all for approval. RESOLVED to adopt this policy.

171.2 Standing Orders – The clerk is waiting for further advice to make amendments and when received will circulate to all councillors for approval and adoption at the January meeting.


172/12 Training / Meetings –

a)    HALC Bosbury and Coddington Information Evening – new date to be confirmed

b)    Report from Ledbury Rural Parishes Cluster Group / Herefordshire Council – Tuesday 20th November 1.30pm at Brockington, Hereford – Cllr Whitehead reported that nine parishes were represented at this meeting and all ward councilors were present. The minutes were available to all. Of the 143 parishes in the county 90 had a parish plan and the top issue in them was speeding. There are only 5 administrators on Herefordshire speeding. It takes 110 days to get a road traffic order through the system if no one argues against it. Once the RTO is in place it can take Amey 6 years to do. Herefordshire Councils approach to speeding problems is not acceptable. The cluster group is to ask each parish council to make a statement of what they require to put pressure onto HC chief Executive. Copies are to go to county MP’s and Eric Pickles. Cllr Joyce-Townsend will put together Bosbury and Coddington Parish Councils statement and attend the Cluster meeting on 12th December.

Cllr Bettington from Ledbury would like to attend one of our parish council meetings, it was RESOLVED to give him a list of meeting dates.


173/12 To note Information Sheet (circulated) – RESOLVED

174/12 To note Planning Record (circulated) – RESOLVED

175/12 Items for next meeting

  • ·         Standing Orders
  • ·         2013/14 Precept requirement
  • ·         Parish Plan
  • ·         Emergency Resilience Plan
  • ·         Report from Cluster Group
  • ·         Ledbury Rural Parishes Cluster Group Terms of Reference


176/12 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thurs 10th January 2013


177/12 Planning

The minutes of the planning committee meeting held on Friday 16th November were approved and duly signed by the chairman of the committee


177.1 Planning Applications to be considered – none


177.2 To confirm response to Considered Applications – NOTED as per planning record


177.3 To note decisions from Herefordshire Council – NOTED as per planning record            


  Meeting closed at 9.38pm




Signed…………………………….    Dated……………………………….