Minutes 6th October 2011


Present: Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), J Boyle (Vice-Chairman), J Hayes, J Joyce-Townsend, B Taylor, P Whitehead, M Watson, Mrs J Rees, G Blandord, R Costello and R Crampton

In attendance: A Johnson, C Attwood (Ward Councillors), CSO Alison Dore, Mrs J Chester (clerk),

Members of Public: One

1. Apologies for Absence – Councillors M Hosking, Mrs D Preece and J Boyce (Footpath Warden)
2. Declarations of Interest:
There were no declarations of interest declared.

3. To adopt the Minutes of the meeting held 1st September 2011
The previously circulated minutes were adopted and signed by the chairman as a correct record.
4. Matters arising from these minutes
It was noted that future minutes should be placed in Network 5.
5. Report from Ward Councillors – A Johnson and C Attwood
Councillor Johnson reported that so far five responses have been received on the clustering letter. He also reported that Waste Management recycling figures are improving and that Primary School Ofsted reports across the county are improving. Parish Council members also asked if Cllr Johnson could again chase a date for the demolition of Cottons Corner. Members were disappointed that there is a lack of communication from Herefordshire Council, in particular that no response has been received from Herefordshire Council on the Bus Consultation letter and suggested revised Bus Timetable, Ward councillors asked to chase. Ward Councillors were asked to check if the Lengthsman budgets were to disappear in future and also to pass on a comment that the New Cattle Market did not make YFC feel welcome at their recent Junior Field Day. As they are the future customers of the market this attitude needs to be changed. ACTION – WARD CLLR
Councillors Attwood and Johnson left the meeting.
6. Open Forum – it was reported that the Fox Hill grit/salt boxes were split. Amey should replace during the Autumn refill and maintenance. Clerk to contact Amey and request that they are done. It was also reported that the Dowdings Brook and West Ridges pipes are silting up along Noverings Lane. Amey are to be asked to clear but will need a mini digger as they were not dug deep enough last time.

Report from CSO Alison Dore – a new system has been introduced “Territorial Borderless Policing”
where the nearest police person will attend incidents reported. Since 1st August police officers are
based at Ledbury Poilce Station. There are three CSO covering Ledbury and the rural area. Catalytic
convertors have been stolen in the area and scrap metal thefts are common. With winter approaching
she advised that thefts of Heating Oil will rise. With regard to speeding through the village she will try
and attend as often as she can at school times and encourage further involvement of the Safer Roads

7. Highways/Footpaths

a) Traffic Speed Management – Cllr Joyce-Townsend is very disheartened with the lack of response from Herefordshire Council to any of our letters. He feels his efforts are to no avail and no longer wishes to be the parish councils representative on Traffic and Speed Management. Cllr Joyce-Townsend handed the Clerk his letter of resignation and left the meeting. The remaining councillors were shocked and saddened by Cllr Joyce-Townsends resignation but fully understood his feelings. As the Parish Council do not want to lose such a valuable member it was decided to take the Parish Council’s grievances to “the top” and arrange a meeting between the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Herefordshire Council Chief Executive. The Clerk was asked to gather all documentation of the council speed concerns ready for this meeting. It was also hoped that Cllr Joyce-Townsend would reconsider. ACTION – CLLRS
b) Update from Footpath Warden – no report received as warden not present at the meeting
c) Works for the Lengthsman – There are still concerns that the lengthsman is not doing some jobs given to him, the clerk is to prioritise the works order after asking what hours he has available. No new jobs were reported.
8. Finance
a) The Financial Report previously circulated were agreed
b) Payments as per the Financial Report were agreed

At a recent HALC meeting L Wilcox had stated that all Parish Councils should have a contingency budget reserve of £3000 – £4000.

9. Update on Parish Plan
a) Crime & Safety – Cllrs Boyle and Taylor – nothing to report
b) Education – Cllr Watson – not present.
c) Environment and Sustainability – Cllr Blandford – the phonebox had been repainted
d) Facilities and Services – Cllrs Boyle and Rees – nothing to report.
e) Housing and Planning – Cllrs Whitehead and Preece – a meeting re update on Coddington School is to be held on Tuesday 25th October
f) Leisure and Tourism – Cllr Crampton – nothing to report
g) Traffic, Transport and Access – Cllr Joyce-Townsend – nothing further to report

10. Correspondence:
a) Herefordshire Council request for Broadband Champions – no volunteers.
b) Invitation to Cradley Training Evening – Clerk asked to check what training topics were
c) Boundary Commission Review of Parliamentary Constituencies – to be discussed at future
meeting ACTION – CLERK

11. Communications
a) Website – Cllr Crampton stated that councillors need to notify him of any changes needed and it is not his responsilbility to check. He has advised he will rebuild the website in a format that all can use and make changes to.

12. Consultation/ Discussion

a) “Report from Parish Resillience Co-ordinators Meeting” – deferred to next meeting as Cllr Watson not present.
b) The Pound – It was agreed that it would be tidied up this autumn.
c) Play Area – it was reported that the play area was being used but was tidy and there was no wear to the grass
d) Section 106 monies – these monies are suspended at present. However it was suggested that a wish list of ideas on how to spend the money be put together for when/if it was brought back in.
e) Celebration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee 2012 – in 1977 for the Silver Jubilee all children were given a crown coin. It was suggested to find out how many children there are currently. A street party was suggested with the School/ Pub / Church / Hall Committee / WI and Parish Council combining their efforts.
13. Training

a) Report from Local Development Framework Meeting – This is a replacement plan for the Unitary Development Plan. The Core Strategy will cover the period 2010-2026. Consultation is ongoing and responses are required by the end of November. Cllr Whitehead to provide synopsis for circulation together with Power Point Presentation.
b) HALC upcoming training dates were noted

14. Information sheet (previously circulated) was approved
15. Planning Record (previously circulated) was approved
Minutes of Planning Meeting held 22nd September 2011 were approved and adopted
16. Items to be put on Agenda for next Parish Council Meeting
a) Parish Council Standing Orders, Donations Policy and Financial Risk Assessment Policy to be approved
b) Division of responsibility of website
c) Notice Board at Forge Bank
d) Meeting with Herefordshire Council Chief Executive
e) Network 5

17. Date, Time and Location of next meeting – Confirmed as Thursday 3rd November 2011 at Bosbury
Parish Hall 7.30pm

18. Planning
There were no items for the Planning Committee to discuss.

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.45pm.

Signed……………………………………………….. Dated………………………………….