Minutes 6th October 2016

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting held on Thursday, 6th October 2016 at Coddington Church at 7.30pm

Councillors Sven Bosley (Chairman), Joe Hayes, Matt Hosking, Rachel Lovering, Julie Baker, John Joyce-Townsend, Patrick Whitehead, Liz Cooke, Mark Andrews

In attendance
Leanne Rex – Parish Clerk
Public: 0

1.0 To Accept Apologies for Absence and Note the Reason
Julia Boyle (hol), Charlie Ferrier (work), Gian Carlo Paganuzzi, Tim Newsholme (ill)

2.0 To Record any Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
Noted in the interest log.

3.0 To approve the Minutes of the Previous Parish Council Meeting
Minutes from 8.9.16 meeting were agreed to be true and accurate and were approved and signed by the chair.

4.0 To Receive Brief Report from Ward Councillor Tony Johnson
No report available. Clerk to request a report for the next meeting. Clerk

5.0 Open Forum for Local Residents to Raise Matters Relevant to the Parish Council
No items raised.

6.0 Correspondence / Discussion / Governance

6.1 Update re Forge Bank Amenity area Clerk
Land Registry acknowledged safe receipt of original deeds and application to register the land. Clerk contacted the Church Commissions solicitors again and response received requesting plans. Clerk to send.

2 quotes received for stock fencing from JH Landscapes and George Merrick. SB to request more quote details from George Merrick as it is not clear if the quote included everything required. SB

Once fencing completed, ask Ed S to keep area tidy by strimming twice pa. Add to lengthsman tasks. PW
6.2 Update re website
Webiste is up to date with known events and work due to commence on parish council pages via website company.
6.3 Neighbourhood Development Plan
MH had received an update from Hfds. C re mapping guidance and has updated the NDP (pg 18) to state 21 houses is the appropriate number of future houses for Bosbury. Approval required for submission. PW proposed / JJT seconded / all in favour.
Query from MA re NDP status for Coddington. MH advised Coddington is not a targeted development area and therefore falls under national policy and Hds. C core strategy. It was felt this was a positive situation.

7.0 Highways/Footpaths/Lengthsman

7.1 Streetlights in Bosbury
Response received from Hfds. C and the 3 existing street lights will be replaced by LED lights before the end of the year. No budget for new additional streetlights.
7.2 Sign for Brook Lane
2 quotes received for signs – Morelock £22.43 plus £35 carriage; Signs Direct £110.
SB prop/MH sec/All in favour to proceed with sign from Morelock but see if carriage could be more economic via ABE transport. Clerk
Posts and fixings being provided from stock held by JJT.
7.3 SIDs
Clerk had received notification from Hfds C that SIDs are now available for a 1 month rent with data provided. JJT provided plan of existing SID bases. Clerk to go ahead and request SIDs. Clerk
7.4 Overhanging trees opposite Woodmans
Knight Frank advised the work scheduled for 13.9.16; JH advised not done. Clerk to query. Clerk
7.5 Update from Lengthsman working party (LWP)
PW presented the Works Order template for requesting work. The Chair thanked LWP for their hard work.
7.6 New Burial Ground
Concern raised re broken gates, overflowing compost, hedges etc.
G Day and Ed S to quote for cutting all hedges and disposal of compost. Clerk
JH was tasked to get a quote for “repairing” the existing gates using all the existing black
metalfurniture. JH offered to meet lengthsman on site if required. JH
7.7 Coddington Notice Board (by The Cross)
Clerk requested a bigger board top as the notices are getting wet. Lengthsman to be asked. Clerk
7.8 Speed / Safety in Staplow
Letter received from Mr Earle, The Stables, Staplow re road safety in Staplow – speed and visibility. Hfds C had already been contacted. Meeting agreed hedge cutting (on the left heading to Ledbury, opp The Oak) would improve sight lines. Log to Balfour Beatty, cc Cllr Johnson. Clerk
7.9 Blocked drain 49 Forge Bank
LC provided photos, Clerk to log to Balfour Beatty. Clerk
7.10 Blocked drains
MA raised other blocked drains; Clerk requested detailed location descriptions and faults need to be logged on a map. MA

8.0 Finance

8.1 To Agree Finance Report and Bank Balances
The meeting agreed the above.
8.2 To Agree Payments of outstanding accounts as per finance report
The following were all agreed: 678 Coddington Church hire £25.00
8.3 To understand future Lengthsman / P3 funding
PW presented the future funding which will be zero for lengthsman ye 31.3.19 and zero for P3 ye 31.3.20. This will impact the precept request and therefore council tax and potentially the amount of work lengthsman can do. MH suggested a workshop to ascertain parishioners views.
8.4 To agree precept for year end 31.3.18
Budget discussed and some items clarified. Agreed to spread election costs over 3 years. Discussion re membership of HALC, PW would prefer membership ended, MH proposed a review in 12 months.
Agreed precept request of £14,000 for y/end 31.3.18. PW prop/MH sec/All in favour.

9.0 Training / Meetings

9.1 To note dates and decide attendees for meetings
PW to attend Balfour Beatty meeting on 11.10.16 at 2.00pm and the Green Lanes event 17.10.16

10.0 To Note & Review the Information & Outstanding Actions Sheet
from 8.9.16 item 7.2 : Response to Hfds. Council Consultation on Funding for local subsidised bus services
JJT presented different ways buses could run to be more efficient and still serve the community.
JJT to ask Green Leaf if their document can be distributed in Church Magazine. JJT
Place on agenda for next meeting, no response to be sent yet.
From 8.9.16 item 8.4: Estimate annual charge for Ed Seabright – outstanding LWP

11.0 To note Date and Time of next scheduled meeting
3rd November 2016 , 7.30pm at Bosbury Village Hall

12.0 To raise items for the next scheduled Parish Council meeting (no discussion)
Phone box consultation
NDP submission
Bus cuts consultation

The meeting closed at 21.36