Minutes 7th February 2013





Parish Clerk: Janet Chester

Mapleside, Ashperton, Ledbury, HR8 2RZ

Tel: 01531 670036




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 7th February 2013 at 7.30pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), G Blandford, J Hayes, J Joyce-Townsend, Mrs D Preece, B Taylor, M Watson and P Whitehead 


In attendance

J Boyce – Footpath Warden, J Chester – Parish Clerk


Public: 2



17/13 Apologies Received – Mrs J Boyle (Vice Chairman) – holiday, Ward Councillor T Johnson (other meeting)


18/13 Declarations of Interest  –


Cllr Name                  Agenda Item Nature of Interest
P Whitehead 10 – LRP Cluster Group Personal


19/13 To approve minutes of the meeting held on 10th January 

          2013 (previously circulated)

Amendments which had been received prior to the meeting were read out and the printed amended minutes were approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the chairman.


It was requested for future agendas that if there had been a planning committee meeting held between full council meetings that a summary was put onto the agenda


20/13 To receive a report from Ward Councillors:

Cllr Johnson had sent his apologies for not attending this meeting.

Cllr Attwood reported that ward boundaries was still under negotiation with wards going from double member to single member. This may result in Bosbury and Coddington going with Mathon and Colwall as Hope End Ward, Wellington Heath going under Ledbury and Cradley joining the Frome Ward if proposals go ahead.

He stated that Herefordshire Council are under increasing pressure about the road conditions throughout the county, receiving over fifty complaints per day. The highways maintenance contract that is up for renewal is asking for the new contractor to put money in upfront which should then lower the need and cost of ongoing repairs thus giving a long term solution. He offered to support the parish council with any problems regarding roads that are in a poor condition and follow up our complaints with Herefordshire Council.  



21/13 Open forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council

A local resident asked what was happening about flooding. The clerk is still waiting for a reply from Cllr Russell Hamilton and has asked the ward councillors to help. The resident was advised to write to the Chief Executive who is obliged to reply within a given timescale, this may result in a reply sooner than that awaited by the parish council. The flood alert text message is now triggered at the gauge in Bosbury rather than further down the Leadon. The resident also asked if anything can be done about the very muddy footpaths. Unfortunately this is due to the weather and there is nothing more that can be done.  There are deep potholes by Bentleys junction and at Catley Cross and also by Plough Cottage in Coddington. The drain opposite The Firs is still blocked. There is also a problem with a backup of sewage in the main village drainage system, the clerk is to enquire with Amey and Severn Trent if there is a problem with the drainage through the village.


22/13  Highways and Footpaths

a)    Traffic Speed Management / SID Data –

The reply from Clive Hall regarding the cost of signs is still awaited, the clerk has chased but will chase again.

To purchase our own SID would cost £2750. It was suggested to perhaps purchase one and move it around and also to possibly hire it out to other parish councils. The clerk was asked to enquire with HALC about the legal position of the parish council deploying its own SID and also to check with Tarrington parish council about security, warranty and insurance.

b)    Flooding / Road conditions– The clerk has again chased Cllr Russell Hamilton of Herefordshire Council for a report from the meeting on 13th November regarding flooding concerns.

There is an ongoing problem in that the lengthsman lives in Malvern and would not be able to travel over to spread the grit/salt when required. Ideally someone in the village needs to be able to do it, RESOLVED that the clerk is to check the liability and insurance of someone other than the lengthsman doing the spreading.

Due to the slow response of Amey in supplying salt/grit bins the clerk has investigated the price of the parish council purchasing the bins themselves, this is £68 per bin. It was RESOLVED to purchase four bins for siting at Hayloe Cottage, Slatchwood and two other possible locations to be decided. Cllrs Whitehead and Hayes offered to collect the bins. Cllr Hayes is to get the price for high visibility jackets / vests to be worn when gritting and/or installing the bins.

The ditch between Rosebank and Mayfields in Coddington needs clearing. The lengthsmans budget is to be checked to see if we can hire a mini digger to do the work.

c)    Update from Footpath Warden – in Coddington the bridge over the Cradley brook between Blandfords and Recordons is to be replaced within the next few weeks by Amey. The Shincroft stile is to be replaced with a kissing gate.

d)    Works for the Lengthsman / Amey – RESOLVED

i)    The pavements through the village need sweeping weekly, the lengthsman is to be asked to check the state of Morton Cottage drain each time and report back to the clerk

ii)   Birchley Drain is still blocked

iii)  The clerk is to chase Amey re the required repairs at the Wharf at Staplow

iv) The lengthsman is to be asked to liaise with Ralph Box about the Shincroft kissing gate installation


23/13 Finance

a)    Finance Report RESOLVED

b)    Payments RESOLVED


24/13 Correspondence

a)    New Planning Application Procedure – in response to a vast number of complaints further letters from Mike Willmont Head of Neighbourhood Planning, and Russell Hamilton, Cabinet member for Environment, Housing and Planning.  It was RESOLVED that no response from the parish council was required.


25/13 Consultation/Discussion

a)      Emergency Resilience Plan –Cllrs gave their comments on this document to Cllr Watson to formulate a final document for the March meeting, a flyer is then to be circulated to all residents to advise what is being done.

b)      Parish Plan – the seven area leads are to be pulled together to make a report to give to the general public through Network 5 and Coddington Clock parish magazines. Cllrs were asked to send their reports to Cllr Watson before the March meeting to enable forwarding after the meeting to the parish magazines by the 10th of the month.

c)      Buchanan Trust – Cllrs Bosley, Preece and Whitehead attended the recent meeting. There is no member of the Buchanan family on the Trust Board. They felt that there seems to be a lot of angst in the Trust. The original funding has now gone so the venture needs to be treated more as a commercial one. RESOLVED that a letter is to be formulated to send to the trust with a copy to go to the Buchanan family.

d)      Website – Cllr Watson volunteered to manage the parish council website but asked that other councillors ensure that they feed him information to put onto the website


26/13 Policies and Procedures

a)    Terms of Reference for LRP Cluster Group

The cluster group have drafted Terms of Reference for the Cluster Group which were agreed.


27/13 Training / Meetings –

a)    The clerk is to attend a joint SLCC / HALC course on PAYE Real Time Information

b)     “Your Community, Your Say” – Cllr Whitehead reported that Herefordshire Council budgets were discussed. A document is available to read on the website which will be formalized at the March cabinet meeting. If a further meeting is needed Cllr Whitehead urged others to attend.

c)    HALC Eastern Area Meeting on 12th March with Mike Willmont, Head of Neighbourhood Planning Herefordshire Council as guest speaker


29/13 To note Planning Record (circulated) – RESOLVED


30/13 Items for next meeting

  • ·         Emergency Resilience Plan
  • ·         Items for website


31/13 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thurs 7th March 2013


Cllrs who were not members of the planning committee left the meeting at this point (10.10pm)


32/13 Planning


32.13.1 Planning Applications to be considered

     N130062/F The Old Piggery, Slatch Farm, Coddington, HR8 1JS

     Conversion of redundant agricultural building to residential dwelling

     PC Comment: The Parish Council support this application but would

     wish to see the Piggery remain within the curtilage of Slatch Farm

     and also any materials used be sympathetic to surrounding buildings

     and would wish to see CIL payments used to improve roads

     C1174/C1175 to Broad Oak and Coddington should the application

     be successful


32.13.2 To confirm response to Considered Applications – NOTED as per planning record


32.13.3 To note decisions from Herefordshire Council – NOTED as per planning record            


  Meeting closed at 10.30pm




Signed…………………………….    Dated……………………………….