Minutes 7th November 2013

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 7th November 2013 at 7.30pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), G Blandford, J Hayes, J Joyce-Townsend & G Paganuzzi

 In attendance

Ward Councillors Carl Attwood & Tony Johnson

PCSO Heather Mika

J Boyce – Footpath Officer

J Chester – Parish Clerk

Public: 5


 1/11/13 Apologies Received – Cllr B Taylor (other commitment) & Cllr Boyle (ill dog)

 2/11/13 Declarations of Interest & Requests for Dispensation – none

3/11/13 To approve minutes of the annual meeting held on 3rd October            2013 (previously circulated)

 The minutes were approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the chairman.

 4/11/13 To receive a report from Ward Councillor(s):

Cllrs Attwood and Johnson were both present at the meeting.

Cllr Johnson explained that Herefordshire Council are currently holding a consultation on the budget for 2014-15 until late December. They are proposing to increase council tax by 1.9% next spring but are asking the public for their thoughts on a council tax increase of 5% which would raise an extra £2.4 million towards services which the council can no longer provide due to budget constraints. An increase of 2% or above would need a referendum which would cost around £160,000 which the council do not want to spend if the public would not support a greater increase. He asked councilors to respond to the consultation online and also to consider what services they and the parish council could support or provide. School transport is the current hot potato. He suggested that perhaps the cluster group of parishes may wish to provide a mini bus service in future, which would prove to be more cost effective than an individual parish council providing the same service. Herefordshire Council are trying to obtain grants and other alternative funding and have just secured around £700,000 for HALO Leisure. Because of the very restricted budget the prospect of Herefordshire Council only being able to provide statutory services is becoming most probable. 70% of Herefordshire Councils budget is spent on providing care. Cllr Johnson advised that all other counties are “in the same boat” and receiving cuts. Cllrs queried Cllr Johnson over Council staff redundancy costs being over the statutory minimum. Cllr Johnson was also asked when Balfour Beatty are going to have landlines available. He will find out and report back.

Cllrs Johnson and Attwood left the meeting at this point.

5/11/13 Open Forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council

Balfour Beatty have been out and done some jobs and have viewed and jetted the drainage problems in the village. The drains by Morton Cottages are still a problem and they will revisit with a camera before hiring a root cutter to clear this drain and the drain by Birchlea.

 6/11/13 Presentation on Local Policing from PCSO Heather Mika

 Local residents present explained that they were disappointed with the police response when their dog was kidnapped by people temporarily working in the village this autumn. It is thought that most years when these people come villagers feel uneasy. PCSO Mike suggested that next year the police could patrol Bosbury during the two or three weeks that the workers were present. She advised the residents to write to the local inspector about the inadequate police response when criminal activity was taking place in the village.

The residents left the meeting.

PCSO Heather Mika advised that Local Policing is now called the Safer Neighbourhood Team made up of PC David Alexander, PC Lyn Johnson and PSCO Heather Mika who cover Ledbury Town and Ledbury rural area. They have a local twitter which they use as a way of getting in touch with the public. PCSO’s have been given extra powers. PCSO was asked to invite the team to attend Bosbury Farmers Market on 16th November. Cllrs raised the question of mud on roads. PCSO Mika advised that mud on road incidents are now being logged and that it is the farmers responsibility to put out signs and clear the roads. This was questioned as the NFU have given different advice. PCSO Mika is to try to get a definitive answer and email the clerk.

 7/11/13 Councillor Vacancies

Matt Twigg was proposed by Cllr Joyce-Townsend and seconded by Cllr Hayes. This was unanimously supported and Mr Twigg duly accepted the position and completed the necessary forms.

 8/11/13 Planning

 a)  Planning Applications to be considered

     132490/FH The Dormers, Lower Southfield Lane, Bosbury, HR8 1NH

     Proposed replacement garden sheds and garden studio

     PC Comment: The parish council have no objections to this application

 b) To confirm response to Considered Applications and To note decisions from Herefordshire Council –  NOTED as per planning record            

 9/11/13  Highways and Footpaths

 a)   Traffic Speed Management

Cllrs Joyce-Townsend had received and circulated correspondence from Andrew Lee-Jones and Simon Hobbs of Hereford Council and Balfour Beatty. A Cable Avoidance Tool scan is to take place ASAP to locate the buried services before installing removable sockets for the gates to be placed.  RESOLVED The ward councillors support was to be asked to expedite the issue.

b)   SID deployments

The clerk is to request deployments for both ends of the village in December and March but to advise that invoices will not be paid until full data has been received by the parish council. RESOLVED

 c)   Road conditions / Winter self-help / Flooding

The clerk has finally received a response to Bosburys ongoing flooding problem, which she read out. A jetter is to be used by Balfour Beatty to clear the pipes leading to an outlet by the school which feeds into the river. Cllrs were aware that this outlet is blocked by the silt levels in the river. It was AGREED to set up a working group of Cllrs Joyce-Townsend, Hayes, Blandford and Twigg and local resident Robert Lane to meet and liaise with Herefordshire Council to resolve the problems. The clerk is to send a letter to the LSDB asking for advice on de-silting the riverbed.

Salt and grit bins have been refilled. The bin at Harbour Hill still needs replacing. A new Brook Lane sign is required for junction at Notehouse/Noverings. The C1152 needs resurfacing. There is a collapsed drain 150 yards towards Upper Woodlow on the C1160fromt the junction with the C1159 and a couple of potholes that need refilling. There are also potholes on Southfield Lane by Long Friday, and on the C1160 by Westridges needing repair.

Cllr Twigg was asked to monitor the pavement gritting through the winter. Cllr Hayes is to obtain prices for two high-visibilty vests.

d)   Update from Footpath Warden

The footpath officer is still struggling to get replies to any correspondence sent to Herefordshire Council and has asked the Ramblers Association for their help and any “leverage” they could give.

e)   Lengthsman Contract

Cllrs Bosley and Boyle had met with George Day and discussed the contract and shown him what work is currently needed. Mr Day is to send the clerk his quote of pricing and hourly rates.

f)    Works for the Lengthsman RESOLVED

The list of jobs for the lengthsman is to be circulated to all councillors to be monitored. New jobs – ditch by the Hop Kilns behind the church and the ditch from the Catley junction towards Cllr Joyce-Townsend property.

 10/11/13 Finance

 a)   Finance Report RESOLVED

 b)   Payments RESOLVED

 587: Coddington PCC – church renovation – £100

588: E&K Seabright – mowing – £90

589: J Chester clerk salary and expenses as agreed

D/D: PWLB – loan repayment £452.22

c)   2014/15 Precept Requirements

RESOLVED The clerk has circulated a draft budget for 2014-15 which the councilors were asked to read for further discussion at the December meeting

11/11/13 Correspondence

 a)   Village Skate Ramp & Play Area – the clerk had received a letter from a young local resident asking for better play facilities. The costs of risk assessments and insurance, and the history of past damage and vandalism resulting in unsafe play equipment, make installing new equipment prohibitive so it was agreed to put up signs “Childrens Play Area –please do not allow your dog to foul” on the existing play area and ensure regular mowing and weed control to make it a more enjoyable space to use. Cllr Hayes to get quote for the signs. RESOLVED

12/11/13 Consultation/Discussion/Communications

 a)   Neighbourhood Planning Questionnaire

Although we are not considering a plan at present it was RESOLVED to ask speakers to our meetings in spring 2014 to explore the options further.

b)   Parish Plan Self- Assessment Review

It was AGREED that the annual reviews are constantly reviewing the plan and highlighting any areas that need updating

 c)   Letterbox at Cottons Corner

The clerk has spoken to Ledbury Post Office about the possible relocation of the post box from Cottons Corner to by the parish hall but received a negative response because of fewer paper letters being sent. It was RESOLVED to put the request in writing.

d)   d) Items for the website – The Parish Plan annual reports that have been submitted are to be put onto the website

13/11/13 Training / Meetings –

a)   To note dates of forthcoming meetings:-

HALC Eastern Area 12th November at Tarrington Village Hall 7.30pm

Balfour Beatty 21st & 26th November at Brockington 7pm

b)   Reports from meetings attended:-

Colwall Parish Council open meeting on Neighbourhood Planning on 10th October at 8pm at Colwall Village Hall, Cllrs Bosley and Boyle had hoped to attend but were unable to.

The Heart Start event was very well attended.

14/11/13 To note Information Sheet and Outstanding Actions  

 (circulated) – RESOLVED

 15/11/13 To note Planning Record (circulated) – RESOLVED

 16/11/13 Items for next meeting

  • 2014-15 Precept
  • Flooding
  • Heart Start Defibrulator

17/11/13 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thurs 5th December 2013

Meeting closed at 10.00pm


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