Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting 2nd May 2013




Parish Clerk: Janet Chester

Mapleside, Ashperton, Ledbury, HR8 2RZ

Tel: 01531 670036

e-mail: bosburyclerk@btinternet.com




Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 2nd May 2013 at 8.15pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), Mrs J Boyle (Vice Chairman), G Blandford, J Hayes, J Joyce-Townsend,  Mrs D Preece, B Taylor, and P Whitehead

In attendance

Janet Chester – Parish Clerk            

James Boyce – Footpath Officer


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65/13 Election of Chairman

Sven Bosley proposed by Brian Taylor and seconded by Gerald Blandford. Unanimously agreed. Councillor Bosley agreed and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


Councillor Bosley took the chair


66/13 Election of Vice-Chairman

Julia Boyle proposed by Patrick Whitehead and seconded by Joe Hayes. Unanimously agreed. Councillor Boyle agreed and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office


67/13 Apologies  – Ward Councillor C Attwood (other meeting), Councillor M Watson (work commitments)


68/13 Declarations of Interest  –

Cllr Bosley had declared a prejudicial interest in the report on the Bosbury Educational Trust to the annual parish meeting.


69/13 To remind councillors to review their Register of Interests held with Herefordshire Council and update if necessary

All councillors were reminded of this requirement


70/13 To accept minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting held on 10th May 2012 and the Parish Council meeting held 11th April 2013 (previously circulated)

The minutes of the meeting were approved and duly signed by the Chairman after a minor alteration being made to item 57/13 e) on the 11th April 2013 minutes. Also the issue of Forge Bank had not been put onto the agenda for 2nd May meeting as requested as the documents had not been made available by Masefield Solicitors.


71/13  Open forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council

Amey had been to sweep the roads through the village but yet again no notification had been given to the parish council to enable them to inform residents to move their cars so that a full and proper sweep could be made. RESOLVED that the clerk is to send a letter to Herefordshire Council and copy to the ward councillors expressing the parish councils concern that the contractor could not possibly do the job properly but would still get paid.

There are potholes on the Old Colwall and Coddington roads and by Bosbury House and the green bridge at Stores Brook on the B4214.

There appears to be someone present at Rosemount. Thanks were expressed to Councillor Preece and her husband for clearing the rubbish from Cottons Corner.


72/13 Review of Policies

a)    Standing Orders

b)    Financial Regulations

c)    Donations Policy

d)    Risk Assessment

e)    Freedom of Information Requests

All the above policies were reviewed and RESOLVED that no change was necessary

f)     Emergency Resilience Plan – Councillor Watson is currently updating.


73/13 Review of Committee Structures, elect chairman and to appoint members to serve on working groups – RESOLVED

a)    Planning Committee – it was RESOLVED that the committee members stay the same, Cllrs Blandford, Bosley, Boyle, Preece, Taylor & Whitehead.  RESOLVED that Cllr Whitehead is to remain Committee Chairman and planning decision powers devolved from full council to this committee

b)    Bright Ideas Group – it was RESOLVED that this was no longer required

c)    Traffic and Speed Management – Cllr Joyce-Townsend to monitor and request help when required – nominated by Cllr Bosley and Seconded by Cllr Hayes


74/13 Highways and Footpaths  

a)    Works for the Lengthsman – RESOLVED that the clerk will advise the lengthsman the following:-

  • ·         The Give Way sign on Suffield Lane needs to be cleaned and made visible.
  • ·         All footpaths need strimming and spraying
  • ·         Amey are to be asked to liaise with the parish council and the lengthsman whenever a sweep of the roads and pavements is to take place.  

RESOLVED that the parish council needs to become more businesslike, the current lengthsman is to continue the P3 work and to quote for the required lengthsman jobs before them being done.

b)    Traffic Speed Management / SID – As a result of the Cluster Group contacting Cllr Graham Powell, Herefordshire Council cabinet member for Infrastructure, Cllrs Joyce- Townsend and Whitehead had met the previous day with Andrew Lee-Jones from Amey and Simon Hobbs to discuss Bosbury’s requirement for speed threshold gates and planters concentrating firstly on the Temple Court end of the village with possible change of tarmac colour. It proved to be a very positive meeting and possible options had been discussed and were presented to members by Cllr Joyce-Townsend. RESOLVED that Cllrs Joyce-Townsend and Whitehead are to formulate a letter to send to Cllr Powell endorsing the ideas and send to the clerk for forwarding. RESOLVED Cllr Hayes to get prices for materials required.


It was noted that the going through the correct channels and face to face meetings seem to be a lot better at resolving issues than sending lots of letters which do not get a response. This was thought as a good directive for the parish council to adopt.


75/13 Discussion

a)    Play Area – the dog fouling sign on the play area has disappeared. RESOLVED The Dog Warden is to be contacted by the clerk for a new sign(s) and possibly installing a litter bin for dog waste. The grass has normally been cut when Forge Bank is mowed but has not been done on the most recent occasion.

b)    Mowing Contractor – The clerk has requested a quote from Seabright Solutions and awaits a reply. Other quotes are also to be obtained but to be kept in the parish and in house if possible.


76/13 Finance

76.1 Finance Report RESOLVED

76.2  Payments RESOLVED:-

  • ·         Clerks Salary and Expenses as agreed
  • ·         HALC Training Fee £30.00
  • ·         JH Landscapes £199.99
  • ·         S Maund, Lengthsman – £303.00
  • ·         PWLB Loan Repayment – £452.22

76.3 Appointment of Internal Auditor

The clerk has contacted Di Baldwin deputy clerk of Ledbury who has agreed to audit our accounts. RESOLVED by the parish council to appoint Di Baldwin for the internal audit of the 2012/13 accounts


77/13  To note Planning Record (circulated) – RESOLVED


78/13 Items for next meeting

  • ·         Councillor Vacancy (s)
  • ·         Traffic Calming update
  • ·         Forge Bank Deeds and other documents from Masefields
  • ·         Flooding report form Cllr Hamilton
  • ·         Road Sweeping
  • ·         Mowing Contractor
  • ·         Lengthsman quotes
  • ·         BZ2 A Footpath at Foxhill update


79/13 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thursday 6th June 2013


80/13 Planning


80.1 Planning Applications to be considered – none

80.2 To confirm response to Considered Applications – none

80.3 To note decisions from Herefordshire Council – as per planning record and Herefordshire Council website


  Meeting closed at 9.30pm






















































































































































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