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Parish Clerk: Janet Chester

Mapleside, Ashperton, Ledbury, HR8 2RZ

Tel: 01531 670036

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Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 3rd April 2014 at 7.30pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), Mrs J Boyle, G Blandford, J Joyce-Townsend, G Paganuzzi and B Taylor


In attendance

J Boyce – Footpath Officer

J Chester – Parish Clerk

Ben Simpson – Carter Jonas

Emma Kateley – church commissioners


Public: 13



The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


1/4/14 Apologies Received – Cllr J Hayes (family commitments), Cllr I Wadell (other meeting)


2/4/14 Declarations of Interest & Requests for Dispensation


Councillor Name Agenda Item Type of Interest Nature of Interest
G Blandford 5 – proposed housing development Non-disclosable



3/4/14 To approve minutes of the meeting held on 6th March 2014 (previously circulated)


The minutes were approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the chairman.


4/4/14 To receive a report from the Ward Councillor(s):


Cllrs Attwood and Johnson did not attend the meeting and had not sent their apologies.


5/4/14 Proposed development on land west of Upper Court Road, Bosbury


The chairman introduced Ben Simpson from Carter Jonas and Emma Kateley of the Church Commissioners who had come to give a brief resume on the above development. Mr Simpson provided paper plans of the proposed development for councillors to view. Carter Jonas are acting as planning advisors for the church commissioners. Carter Jonas are currently holding pre application discussions with Herefordshire Council. The Church Commissioners is a registered charity which holds a property portfolio across the country and the strategic land team manage the portfolio and monies gained are being put back into the Church of England to support its work. A map showing land owned by the church commissioners in and around Bosbury was available to view. The proposal is for up to 45 houses on a plot of land west of Upper Court Road. The site was chosen as it can be “knitted” into the existing village houses with existing development on three sides. They propose to build between the school and the garages at Forge Bank with the southern edge being a line between these two places. Carter Jonas are conscious of the conservation area and the houses on the northern edge and plan to have a recreation area on the high ground and housing on the lower ground to be sympathetic to the historic buildings in the core of the village. There will be new hedges and planting to screen the development. The proposed principle vehicular access is onto Upper Court Road with a pedestrian and cycle access through by the Bell Inn. A percentage (35%) of the 45 houses will be affordable homes. Carter Jonas are still in the process of designing the scheme and are consulting the parish to see what residents want. The initial application submitted to Herefordshire Council will be an outline planning application but will specify ridge heights and the specific area where houses will be built.


Question: What is the view of Herefordshire Council?

Answer: Herefordshire Council do not have a five year housing land supply plan in place and therefore in principle have to look favourably on any applications for strategic development and sustainable housing. Their main concern is the effect on the conservation area.


Q. What about the extra vehicles which this development would bring with it? There are many cars along Upper Court Road now so access and parking would need to be addressed.

A. Herefordshire Council s highway department do not see a problem with the proposed access.


Q. Is Bosbury really a sustainable village? The bus route is under threat, there is no shop and could the school cope? If the bus route was lost what effect would that have on the proposed application?

A. If the bus route was lost it could have an effect but in a roundabout way would the development provide more people to use the buses.


Q. Have they spoken to the school and local estate agents, would it be possible to sell 45 houses in one block and could the school cope with the extra capacity?

A.  Yes they have spoken to the education department and it may be that they have to make a contribution to the school. Local estate agents are enthusiastic.


Q. What about the current sewerage works, it is near capacity now and struggling to cope and also it is in close proximity to the proposed development?

A. They have spoken to Severn Trent and have been told there are no problems. The development would have separate surface water drainage to the sewerage drainage. Surface water would be dealt with by soakaways feeding into the brook. The drainage strategy would be drawn up after consultation with the Environment Agency because of the flooding risk.


Q. Have they looked at the Parish Plan and what local residents want – affordable housing for local people and small to medium family homes. What is the breakdown on the various sizes of house?

A.  There would be a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes.


Q. The scale against the existing infrastructure worries residents. How was the figure of 45 houses reached?

A. The number was driven by the defined area and the acceptable density in the area.


Q. Why not use the currently redundant church commissioners buildings? Were alternative sites looked at?

A. Other sites were looked at but this plot was deemed the best to blend in with the current village. The majority of the church commissioners portfolio is land so the existing buildings have not been looked at in this programme. Details of the buildings were given to the Carter Jonas representative to revisit for further investigation.


Q. Would any monies gained go towards repairing Bosbury Church roof? A. The monies gained goes into a central pot and is deal with by a different department who decide where the monies would go.

It was suggested that any section 106 monies received go towards getting the road levels correct through the main village to alleviate the flooding risk.


Q. What is the programme and timeline?

A. Submission of the application is proposed for the end of May.


The question was asked whether the development could be done in two stages, half now and half in around 15 years to stagger the impact on the village. The chairman thanked Mr Simpson and Miss Kateley for coming to the meeting and asked if after these discussions would they be consulting with the village residents and could their revised plans be sent through to the parish council before being submitted to Herefordshire Council.


6/4/14 Open Forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council


Dowdings Brook under the bridge needs silt and wood cleared again. The clerk was asked to report this to Herefordshire Highways. The parish council were congratulated on the speed threshold gates recently installed and asked when gates would be installed at the Cradley end of the village. It is proposed they will be done within the next twelve months.  The B4214 road surface is breaking up between The Farm and The Wharf. Drains and ditches under manhole covers in residents entrances in Coddington need unblocking. The state of Rosemount needs to be reviewed, the clerk will ask Herefordshire Council to revisit the address and ask what the grounds are for compulsory purchase. The clerk was also asked to chase Notehouse Lane C1160 pothole repair and collapsed culvert and also the drain jetting at Morton Cottages and in the village. RESOLVED


7/4/14 Councillor Vacancies


Defered to the May meeting.


8/4/14 Planning


a)  Planning Applications to be considered:-


P140631/F 1 and 2 The Stables at Stanley Hill Court , Bosbury, HR8 1HE

Change of use from holiday let to residential status for the two properties. No alterations to the building are proposed.

PC Comment: The parish council support the application and have noted the asbestos roof


b) To confirm response to Considered Applications – none


c) To note decisions from Herefordshire Council –  NOTED as per planning record            


9/4/14  Highways and Footpaths


a)   Traffic Speed Management


Cllrs Joyce-Townsend and Hayes were thanked for installing the threshold

gates. This first stage of the project was completed well below budget.

RESOLVED The clerk is to instruct the contractor is to regularly mow the

Verges to keep them tidy. Bosbury Beaver and Scout Group had sent a letter

wishing to do something to support the scheme, perhaps a poster competition,

they were to be advised to check with Herefordshire Council as the posters may

cause a distraction to motorists but their enthusiasm was noted.



b)   Road conditions / Winter self-help / Flooding


Cllr Boyle advised that she has acquired a cover for the salt and sandbag stores.


c)   Update from Footpath Warden


The bridge over Stoney Brook at Swinmoor Common has been washed away. Hereford Council have advised they will put a closure notice up but it can take over a year for them to replace the bridge. As Herefordshire Councils Inspection and Maintenance of Public Rights of Way Policy states that action should take place within 3-6 months, RESOLVED James Boyce is to send a letter via the parish council. Councillors were asked to speak informally to farmers about reinstating footpaths after planting of crops has taken place before formal letters were sent.


d)   Lengthsman Contract


The water level has dropped sufficiently to attend to the outlet pipe in the brook. The clerk is to advise the lengthsman to proceed.  RESOLVED


10/4/14 Finance


a)   Finance Report RESOLVED


b)   Payments RESOLVED


 602: J Chester – Clerk Salary Feb & Expenses – as agreed

    603: Stoneyard Green – website fees, renewal of domain name for 2yrs – £25.00

 604: R&CB Masefield Solicitors – land registration fees – £370.00 

 605: HALC Annual Subscription – £403.38


The clerk is to get a breakdown of costs from Masefields and consult with the

chairman before handing over the cheque. 


11/4/14 Correspondence / Consultation / Discussion / Communications


a)   Herefordshire Council Bus Consultation Survey

It was RESOLVED that the parish council should be constructive and that Cllr Joyce-Townsend would complete the survey and make suggestions on the parish councils behalf. Cllr Joyce-Townsend is to circulate his draft before sending and perhaps this could be sent to other parish councils to look at.

b)   Ledbury Rural Parishes Cluster Group

Defered to May meeting

c)   Dog fouling through the village

A note is to be put into the Network 5 magazine about the risk to children and adults and also the risk of not worming dogs causing abortion in cows and sheep. RESOLVED

d)   Defibrulator for Bosbury Village

Defered to May meeting

e)   e)  Items for the website – All councillors were reminded to send photos to the clerk to be uploaded onto the website. RESOLVED


12/4/14 Training / Meetings –


a)   To note dates of forthcoming meetings:- none


b)   Reports from meetings attended:-


HALC “Pressing Buttons” course – the clerk had attended this course regarding finance and electronic banking. There are new financial regulations to be read and reviewed. The parish council should have a financial working group and a recommended four signatories. Bank statements should be initialled at each meeting to agree with the financial report. The council tax support element is to be shown separately from the precept on the end of year accounts. Future meetings may be recorded. Changes are being made to the Internal Audit System


13/4/14 To note Information Sheet and Outstanding Actions  

 (circulated) – RESOLVED


14/4/14 To note Planning Record (circulated) – RESOLVED


15/4/14 Items for next meeting

  • Definitive Map of Footpath update
  • Councillor Vacancies
  • Heart Start Defibrillator
  • Cost plan for speed threshold gates
  • Review of Ledbury Rural Parishes Cluster Group
  • Neighbourhood Planning
  • Update on proposed development in Bosbury


16/4/14 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thurs 1st May 2014


Meeting closed at 9.35pm


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All Cllrs