Minutes Dec 2014


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 4th December 2014 at Coddington Church at 7.30pm


Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), G Blandford, Mrs J Boyle, J Hayes, J Joyce-Townsend, GC Paganuzzi, B Taylor, I Wadell and P Whitehead

In attendance

J Chester – Parish Clerk

Public: 8


The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1/12/14 Apologies Received – Cllrs M Hosking & M Twigg (work commitments), Ward Cllr C Attwood (illness), Ward Councillor T Johnson (other meeting) , James Boyce (Footpath Officer)

2/12/14 Declarations of Interest & Requests for Dispensation – none

Councillor Name Agenda Item Type of Interest Nature of Interest


3/12/14 To approve minutes of the meeting held on 6th November 2014 (previously circulated)

The minutes were approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the chairman.

 4/12/14 To receive a brief report from the Ward Councillor(s):

There was no report available from either Ward Councillor.

5/12/14 Open Forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council

Residents present thanked the parish council for the well presented objection, at Herefordshire Councils Planning Committee meeting, to the proposed development on Land West of Upper Court Road and the successful outcome of the application being refused.

There was some disappointment at the proposed location of the planned 40mph signs at the Cradley end of the village. This has been surveyed by Herefordshire Council and National Grid and decided to be the best location.

With respect to street lighting there is a black spot by The Firs. Herefordshire Council are undertaking an overhaul of street lighting changing old lights to LED white light directed to the ground which are more efficient. The question was raised of the suitability of these lights in a conservation area.

6/12/14 Planning

 a) To note the planning record (previously circulated) – noted

 b) To receive report from Herefordshire Council Planning Committee Meeting held 19th November – P141550/O Land West of Upper Court Road, Bosbury. – proposed site for up to 46 dwellings – Hereford Council REFUSED.

Cllr Whitehead, Parish Council Planning Committee Chairman presented the

parish council objection and Cllr Hosking presented the objections of behalf

of residents. Each had a three minute slot to speak. The case officers notes

were gone through with many inaccuracies and items such as Bosbury’s

Neighbourhood Development Plan being ignored. Ward Councillors Johnson

and Attwood who were unable to attend the meeting, had their letter read out

and this was received by the planning committee. A representative for the

applicant also gave a presentation. The application was unanimously

refused, being too big for the village, against the historic core and


Thanks were expressed to Rob Eaton, Patrick Whitehead and Matt Hosking

for all their hard work.


The parish council meeting was suspended at this point to allow all

present to make comment on planning application P143770/O below.


Residents expressed their concerns over another application for a large

development being submitted to Hereford Council. The applicant had not fully

consulted the local residents with a number of residents near the proposed

site being dismayed not to have been consulted. The size was thought to still

be too large for the village. No open space or play area is shown on the

plans. The site is out of the Neighbourhood Plan designated area. Questions

were raised over if it was a sustainable development, was it in the right place,

the visibility splays at the proposed access and the environmental impact it

would have on the village with concerns over the drainage and run off water

impacting upon the flooding problem in the village and the sewerage station

already being at capacity.


The parish council meeting was reconvened at this point.

 c) Planning Applications to be considered (full council) –

P143770/O Land to the East of Brook Lane, North of B4220, Bosbury – proposed residential development for up to 37 dwellings of which 13 (35%) will be affordable

PC Comment: The parish council object to this application. A further public meeting will be held and a formal response from the parish council put together before the submission deadline date.

  7/12/14 Correspondence/Consultation/Discussion/Communications:

 a) Neighbourhood Plan Report and NDP Funding

 The final draft has been written and sent to Herefordshire Council Neighbourhood Planning Team. It will take around six weeks for Herefordshire Council to undertake the formal process and a further three months before it goes to referendum.

 b) Update on Defibrillator for Bosbury

 Cllr Twigg had advised the clerk that this is progressing.

 c) BT Consultation on proposed public payphone removals

 Defered to February meeeting.

d) Update on considering listing the Bell Inn as an asset of community value

 This had been investigated and was found to be not applicable and the matter was withdrawn. RESOLVED

8/12/14 Highways and Footpaths

a) Traffic Speed Management – Cllr Joyce-Townsend confirmed that the scheme is complete at the Temple Court end of the village and covert speed monitoring is taking place. The results of which will decide what is done at the Cradley end of the village. Thanks are to be sent by the parish council to Simon Hobbs and Graham Hornsby of Herefordshire Council for their help and advice. Members and residents present expressed their thanks to Cllr Joyce-Townsend for his time and hard work on this matter.

The lengthsman is to be asked to replant the planters.

b) Road Conditions / Winter Self Help / Flooding

 There are blocked drains needing jetting at the top of the village and along Colwall Road, also on C1152 opposite Salt Box Cottage and in Coddington outside The Cross. A drain by The Slatch is blocked by tree roots. The salt bin at Broad Oak / Padells Lane needs filling. Potholes in Forge Bank need repairing. RESOLVED that the clerk will report to the Locality Steward.

 c) Update from Footpath Warden James Boyce

 No report available.

 c) To discuss enhanced Lengthsman / P3 scheme

 This was discussed and it was AGREED to not participate in the match funding this year.

 9/12/14 Finance

 a) To agree Finance Report and note Bank Reconciliation RESOLVED

 b) Payments RESOLVED

624: Ed Seabright – lengthsman – £290.00

625: J Chester – Clerk salary and expenses Nov – as agreed

626: Coddington PCC – mowing of churchyard – £325.00

c) New Financial Regulations – discussed and adopted. RESOLVED

d) To discuss proposed purchase of A3 photocopier.

Herefordshire Council have withdrawn paper copies of planning applications being sent to parish councils. All applications can be viewed online, however it was AGREED that for some applications, particularly large and detailed applications, it would be beneficial to print off the application for viewing at meetings. Cllr Whitehead had investigated costs and offered to store the printer at his house. Cllr Whitehead was authorized to spend up to £200. RESOLVED

e) To decide 2015/16 Precept Requirement

After discussion it was agreed to keep the precept at £10k RESOLVED.

10/12/14 Training / Meetings

 a) To note Dates and attendees of meetings:-

 HALC “Wise Owl” training programme noted.

 b) Reports from meetings attended

HALC Eastern Area meeting. The clerk had attended. The chairman was unable to attend but had given his apologies. Herefordshire Council leader Tony Johnson gave a presentation on Herefordshire Councils budget. The clerk is to ask for the contact details of a nominated representative from each parish council to try and increase attendee numbers.

11/12/14 To review the Information, Correspondence and Outstanding Actions Sheet (circulated) – reviewed and updated

12/12/14 Items for next meeting


Phone Box

Neighbourhood Plan update

Update on proposed development

13/12/14 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thurs 6th February 2015

It was suggested that an extra ordinary meeting was held in mid-January to give the public chance to comment on planning application P143370/O. The clerk had today also received a new planning application for Palace Farm, Bosbury. An extension on the return date of comments is to be requested.

The date of Thursday 15th January was suggested – to be confirmed.

Councillors who were not members of the planning committee left the meeting at this point. (9.23pm)

14/12/14 Planning

 a) Planning Applications to be considered (planning committee):-

 . P143300/F 1 Shilo Cottages, Heywood Lane, Munsley, HR8 2SL

Proposed two storey side extension. Change of use of part agricultural land to

domestic amenity space.

PC Comment: The Parish Council support this application and would like the drainage and materials used to be in keeping with the existing.

P141398/F & P141399/L – The Bell Inn, Bosbury, HR8 1PX

Retrospective application for external covered area (70m2) to yard at the rear of public house

PC Comment: The Parish Council support this application

b) To confirm response to Considered Applications – none


Meeting closed at 9.40pm







Signed…………………………….     Dated……………………………….