Minutes February 2014




Parish Clerk: Janet Chester

Mapleside, Ashperton, Ledbury, HR8 2RZ

Tel: 01531 670036

e-mail: bosburyclerk@btinternet.com




Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 6th February 2014 at 7.30pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), G Blandford, J Hayes, J Joyce-Townsend, G Paganuzzi, B Taylor & M Twigg


In attendance

Ward Councillor Carl Attwood

J Boyce – Footpath Officer

J Chester – Parish Clerk


Public: 1



1/2/14 Apologies Received – Cllr Mrs J Boyle (holiday), Ward Councillor Johnson


2/2/14 Declarations of Interest & Requests for Dispensation


Councillor Name Agenda Item Type of Interest Nature of Interest
J Joyce-Townsend 7a P140033/FH Other Client of applicant



3/2/14 To approve minutes of the meeting held on 5th December 2013 (previously circulated)


The minutes were slightly changed at item 8c which was initialled by the chairman and then approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the chairman.


4/2/14 To receive a report from the Ward Councillor(s):


Cllr Attwood advised that Herefordshire Council have a meeting the following day to approve the budget. The school bus service future provision and also transport for over 16’s special needs transport were issues raised and included in the budget. He reported that the Citizens Advice Bureau has retained funding for the year. The Arts will be an area hit hard. Another major issue is the Herefordshire Council waste issue, the origins of a contract from 20 years ago drawn up with Worcestershire to provide a recycling centre, which due to new technologies is now out of date and therefore a £40 million loan is required to get going without incurring huge penalties. The good news is that modern technology is now capable of sorting out the whole of the waste problem and providing energy at the end. The clerk was asked to send a list of outstanding road defects to Cllr Attwood for a meeting with Balfour Beatty. Cllr Attwood was asked to chase to TRO for the new traffic calming measures in Bosbury village.


Cllr Attwood left the meeting at this point.





5/2/14 Open Forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council


The road from Temple Court to Cottons Corner is in need of repair. There are a number of potholes in need of repair through the villages so it was suggested to arrange a parish walk for councillors with the Local Inspector from Balfour Beatty. The clerk will contact Balfour and advise councilors of date and time RESOLVED


6/2/14 Councillor Vacancies


A member of the public was at the meeting with a view to becoming a future councillor. Ian Waddell was proposed by Cllr Joyce-Townsend and seconded by Cllr Taylor and unanimously accepted. The chairman welcomed him to the council and he completed the necessary forms.


7/2/14 Planning


a)  Planning Applications to be considered


    P133253/F Barns at The Grange, Bosbury, HR8

    Conversion of and alterations to a range of period barns to create 4

    residential dwellings

    PC Comment: The parish council support this application but would like to

    see same ownership as farm retained


    P140033/FH 1 Aylescroft, Bosbury, HR8 1QA

    Removal of existing garage, proposed two storey side/rear extension and

    internal alterations

    PC Comment: The parish council support this application but would prefer

    more use of bricks to be in keeping with the rest of the present property.


b) To confirm response to Considered Applications and To note decisions from Herefordshire Council –  NOTED as per planning record            


8/2/14  Highways and Footpaths


a)   Traffic Speed Management


Cllrs Joyce-Townsend has received confirmation that the TRO has been submitted and has asked the ward councillor to chase progress. A demountable gate is to be trialed.


b)   SID deployments


The clerk confirmed deployments for both ends of the village in February and has advised that invoices will not be paid until full data has been received by the parish council. Cllr Joyce-Townsend has advised Simon Hobbs of the dates. It was confirmed that the SID’s are in place.  


c)   Road conditions / Winter self-help / Flooding


The clerk has advised the local vicar that the parish council is to place a stock of around 30 sandbags on the 6ft square behind the memorial owned by the parish council. Local villagers are to help themselves to sandbags if they feel at risk of flooding, a letterbox drop will advise the residents of this stock and who to contact if stocks run out and need replenishing. Three high visibility waistcoats have been purchased and will be stored with the salt spreader for any future use. RESOLVED

A letter of response from Herefordshire Council has been received in reply to the parish councils letter re flooding and the bridge and road surface levels. A site meeting is proposed in March, the date of which will be advised to councillors to enable them to attend.

It was confirmed that the river will need de-silting to remove the gravel built up on the riverbed to alleviate the problem of flooding. This could perhaps be a job for the lengthsman.


d)   To discuss Application for Definitive Map Modification Order for a byeway open to all traffic at Stanley Hill, Bosbury


Councillors are to try and obtain old maps for historical use and ask local residents for confirmation of using the path and if they would be willing to provide letters of evidence. RESOLVED


e)   Update from Footpath Warden


The footpaths are obviously very wet at the present time. Fingerposts for replacements required at Catley and opposite Palace Farm have been requested but there is no current stock. Footbridges needing repair have been advised to Balfour Beatty. A statement asking farmers and landowners to keep

Footpaths clear is to be put into Network 5. James Boyce will put a draft together and send to the clerk for forwarding on. RESOLVED


f)    Lengthsman Contract


A contract for the current lengthsman is to be drawn up by the clerk A second contractor for the smaller jobs such as mowing, strimming and sweeping pavements was suggested. Jobs to be allocated on a priced job basis. The clerk is to ask Balfour Beatty for lengthsman training dates. RESOLVED


g)   Works for the Lengthsman RESOLVED


Thanks were given for the good job done of clearing the ditches in Coddington. The ditch by the old pond by the burial ground needs cleaning out. Drains by Slatchwood are blocked. Ditches and drains by The Slatch need clearing. The charman will phone the lengthsman to discuss jobs and advise the clerk to send a formal instruction.


9/2/14 Finance


a)   Finance Report RESOLVED


b)   Payments RESOLVED


590: J Chester clerk salary and expenses as agreed at Dec meeting

591: Bosbury Parish Hall – hire 2013 – £158.88

592: Bosbury Parish Hall – hire Cluster meeting – £11.50

593: Herefordshire Council – planning application copies – £24.00

594: S Bosley – reimbursement of photocopying maps for lengthsman – £5.60

595: J Chester- clerk salary & expenses Dec/Jan – as agreed


10/2/14 Correspondence / Consultation / Discussion / Communications


a)   Heart Start Defibrillator for village – Cllr Twigg is exploring the possibilities and will report back at the March meeting


b)    Herefordshire Council Budget Consultation – Herefordshire Council are holding a meeting to finalise the budget tomorrow.


c)   c) Items for the website – Some Parish Plan annual reports that have been submitted are to be put onto the website. All cllrs are to send photos to the clerk to be uploaded onto the website. RESOLVED


11/2/14 Training / Meetings –


a)   To note dates of forthcoming meetings:-


HALC Eastern Area meeting – 19th February at Colwall Village Hall – speaker from Healthwatch.


Herefordshire Council Neighbourhood Planning Event – 25th March 2014


HALC had sent through a list of future training courses dates – Cllr Waddell would like to go on the “Leading Lights” course. The clerk will book him a place.


Herefordshire Council – Neighbourhood Planning Event – 25th March 7pm at Brockington


The clerk is to ask Ward Cllr Attwood if section 106 monies are still suspended.


b)   Reports from meetings attended:- none


Ledbury Rural Parishes Cluster Group meeting, Wed 11th Dec 2013 – The chairman and clerk attended. Inspector Crumpton gave a talk on local policing. The possible closure of Ledbury public toilets was discussed.


12/2/14 To note Information Sheet and Outstanding Actions  

 (circulated) – RESOLVED


13/2/14 To note Planning Record (circulated) – RESOLVED


14/2/14 Items for next meeting

  • Flooding Update
  • Definitive Map of Footpath update
  • Play Area
  • Heart Start Defibrillator
  • S106 update


15/2/14 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thurs 6th March 2014


Meeting closed at 9.40pm


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