Minutes May 2014




Parish Clerk: Janet Chester

Mapleside, Ashperton, Ledbury, HR8 2RZ

Tel: 01531 670036

e-mail: bosburyclerk@btinternet.com




Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 1st May 2014 at 7.30pm



Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), Mrs J Boyle, G Blandford, J Hayes, J Joyce-Townsend, G Paganuzzi, B Taylor, M Twigg and I Wadell


In attendance

A Johnson – Hope End Ward Councillor

J Boyce – Footpath Officer

J Chester – Parish Clerk


Public: 9                                                                                                                                                                              Action


The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


1/5/14 Election of Chairman


Cllr Bosley proposed by Cllr Taylor, seconded by Gian Carlo Paganuzzi, unanimously voted in. Cllr Bosley accepted the position and signed necessary forms.


2/5/14 Election of Vice-Chairman


Cllr Boyle proposed by Cllr Joyce-Townsend, seconded by Cllr Bosley, unanimously voted in. Cllr Boyle accepted the position and signed the necessary forms.


3/5/14 Apologies Received – Ward Cllr C Attwood (other meeting)


4/5/14 Declarations of Interest & Consider Requests for Dispensation


Councillor Name Agenda Item Type of Interest Nature of Interest
G Blandford 13a – proposed housing development Non-disclosable




5/5/15 To remind Councillors to review their Register of Interests held with Herefordshire Council and update if necessary


The clerk reminded councillors of the need to review and update if necessary


6/5/14 To approve minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 3rd April 2014 (previously circulated)


The minutes were approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the chairman.


7/5/14 To receive a brief report from the Ward Councillor(s):


Cllr Johnson reported that the Old Cattle Market site had opened today, some shops today, the rest opening over the next 6 to 8 weeks. The county has lobbied central government for £150 million pounds for three projects – the inner city link road, A49 to A465 road to make Rotherwas Enterprise Zone fully functional and Model Farm at Ross-on-Wye. Balfour Beatty are currently restructuring and recruiting new staff as they are aware that stability is important and have recently appointed a new Ledbury Localities Steward, Rebecca Edmonds who can be contacted to arrange a parish walk to review required road repairs. Cllr Johnson reported that Ofsted are currently reviewing Herefordshire Council and specifically childrens safeguarding and he anticipates that although a glowing report will not be received it should show a vast improvement. The Herefordshire Council 2013/14 spend should come in around £250k under budget and they hope to save a further £12 million next year without any further significant cuts to services.

Question: The parish council has responded to Herefordshire Councils Bus Service Survey with suggestions to changes, are we wasting our time?

Answer:  Herefordshire Council Cabinet are to create an additional post covering roads and condition of infrastructure because of the current situation. Cllr Johnson feels that our time is not wasted and our plans would be a very useful place for this person to start. However with the budget constraints he cannot promise that there will not be a reduction in bus services covering the area.


8/5/14 Public Participation Session


Prior to the meeting the chairman had been asked if he could bring agenda item 14f forward so that members of the public could comment, this was agreed by all present.

14f Footpath Definitive Map update

Members of the public present had sent a letter to the clerk which was read out expressing their feeling that although they had no objections to the path being used as a footpath and bridleway they would object to it being used for vehicular use. The path is narrow and the base structure would not hold up if used by vehicles as it tends to be very wet.  After discussion it was AGREED that the parish council would support the residents view and send a letter to Herefordshire Council. Residents were also advised to write to their Ward Councillors to express their views.


9/5/14 To review and adopt the following policies for Bosbury &

Coddington Parish Council

a)   Standing Orders – reviewed, no changes required

b)   Financial Regulations – new regulations received to be reviewed and agreed at June meeting

c)   Donations Policy – reviewed, no changes required

d)   Risk Assessment – reviewed, no changes required

e)   Freedom of Information requests – reviewed, no changes required

f)    Emergency Resilience Plan – reviewed, no changes required

RESOLVED to re-adopt all with exception on Financial Regulations


10/5/14 To review Committee Structures, and to appoint members to serve  

 on the under mentioned committees and working groups as required:-

a)   Planning Committee

Members to be Cllrs Bosley, Boyle, Blandford, Taylor, Paganuzzi and Twigg. Cllr Taylor to be chairman.

Any application for more than one house decision to be made by full council. Paper copies of applications still required from Herefordshire Council.

b)   Financial Working Group – The clerk advised that it is best practise to have a working group but it was decided that this was not required, all checks and decisions to be made by full council.

c)   Staffing Panel – Cllrs Bosley, Boyle and Blandford

d)   Traffic & Speed Management Group – Cllr Joyce-Townsend to monitor and ask for help if required.

e)   Bank Signatories – Cllrs Bosley, Boyle, Blandford, Taylor and Hayes.


   11/5/14. To review the committee and working group Terms of Reference


RESOLVED – reviewed and adopted


12/5/14 Finance: 


a)  To consider payments of outstanding accounts:-


00607: E&K Seabright – mowing – £160.00

00608: J Joyce-Townsend – reimbursement Morelock Signs Ltd – £118.32

00609: Herefordshire Council – paper copies planning applications – £64.00 

00610: J Chester – clerk salary and expenses – as agreed


N.B. Balfour Beatty SID deployment – payment of invoice on hold pending receipt of data as agreed when order placed.


b)  To approve Annual Accounts (see appendix a)  – the clerk read out draft figures but still awaits a bank statement to do full reconciliation RESOLVED


c)  To appoint internal auditor – Di Baldwin has agreed to internally audit the    

        accounts RESOLVED


d)  To review the parish council insurance policy and decide on alterations – the

    clerk has received three “like for like” quotes, the chairman and vice-chairman

    will check the quotes in detail. RESOLVED to appoint Came and Company as

    insurers pending above checks. 


13/5/14 Planning:


a)   To receive update on proposed development on land west of Upper Court Road 


Notification has been received back form Carter Jonas outlining their plans for 46 houses. Their plan is to submit the outline planning application in May. The issue will be discussed further at the Annual Parish Meeting on 14th May. The parish council will ask Herefordshire Council planning department for the material considerations they have to take into consideration and ask HALC for further advice on how to proceed. Residents present thought they form a focus group to include all village residents not just those directly affected. RESOLVED The clerk is to write and thank Carter Jonas for their presentation and to suggest that if they wish to have a consultation to contact the clerk again.


b)   To Consider Planning Applications referred for comment: none

c)   To Confirm the Response to Considered Applications: none

d)   To note Details of Decision Notices Received from Hereford Council: as per planning record (appendix b  circulated) and Herefordshire Council website – noted


14/5/14 Highways/Footpaths:

a)   To appoint footpath officer – James Boyce proposed by Cllr Taylor and seconded by Cllr Boyle RESOLVED

b)   To appoint mowing contractor – Ed Seabright proposed Cllr Boyle and seconded by Cllr Taylor RESOLVED

c)    To appoint Lengthsman – George Day and Ed Seabright proposed Cllr Bosley and seconded by Cllr Boyle.  RESOLVED The clerk confirmed that confirmation of allowance £3339 had been received from Herefordshire Council

d)   To decide P3 / Lengthsman Works 

      The grass and cow parsley at Cottons Corner railings needs strimming

      More verge markers are to be requested

e)   Update on Traffic Speed Management

    The mowing of the verges by the speed threshold gates needs extending to

    the farm gates on both sides. The “Welcome to Bosbury” signs to be moved

    to be more visible. The total cost of installing the gates was confirmed as

    £542.24. Thanks were expressed to Cllr Hayes for donating Postcrete and

    labour. The plan is to proceed with gates at the Cradley end of the village this

    financial year and a site meeting with Herefordshire Council is to be


f)   Footpath Definitive Map update   – as minute above 8/5/14 14f      


 15/5/14 Information Section / Correspondence / Discussion:


a)   To review Ledbury Rural Parishes Cluster Group


At its March meeting  the cluster group asked parish councils to discuss the following points:-

  • each parish council is to have two nominated cluster co-ordinators to attend cluster meetings, but that at the cluster meetings only one member per parish council would have voting rights.
  • The Chairman need not be a current member of a parish council but must live/work in the geographical area of the Cluster Group.

Councillors felt that the cluster group was set up to deal with issues being devolved by Herefordshire Council to parish councils but have seen none of this yet. It was felt that all cluster members should be parish councillors and have to abide by the Code of Conduct. It was thought that in future any expertise or advice required could be sought directly by the parish council and not through the cluster group. It was unanimously AGREED to withdraw from the cluster group. The clerk will advise the cluster group.


b)  To receive update on Heart Start Defibrulator for village


Cllr Twigg reported that the Rotarians have a high priority to fund rural defibrulators. RESOLVED Cllr Twigg to write and apply for funding to the local rotary club.


c)   To review Information and outstanding actions sheet (appendix c circulated)


Noted and updated as necessary


16/5/14 To raise items for next scheduled Parish Council Meeting (no discussion)                      


  • Financial Regulations
  • Bus Consultation
  • Insurance


17/5/14 To decide Dates and Time of Ordinary Meetings for the ensuing year 


Meetings to be held on first Thursday of each month with exception of August

and January at Bosbury Village Hall 7.30pm.


Next meeting Annual Parish Meeting Wednesday 14th May

Next parish council meeting Thursday 5th June


Meeting closed at 9.35pm





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 Cllr Twigg