Minutes Nov 2014


Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 6th November 2014 at 7.30pm


Councillors S Bosley (Chairman), G Blandford, Mrs J Boyle, J Hayes, M Hosking, J Joyce-Townsend, GC Paganuzzi, B Taylor, I Wadell and P Whitehead

In attendance

Footpath Warden J Boyce

J Chester – Parish Clerk

Public: 6


 The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

1/11/14 Apologies Received – Cllr M Twigg (work commitments), Ward Cllr C Attwood (illness)

2/11/14 Declarations of Interest & Requests for Dispensation – none


Councillor Name Agenda Item Type of Interest Nature of Interest
Cllr S Bosley 11a NDPI Neighbour
Cllr J Hayes 8b NDPI Director of JH Landscapes Ltd

3/11/14 To approve minutes of the meeting held on 2nd October 2014 (previously circulated)

The minutes were approved as a true and accurate record and duly signed by the chairman.

 4/11/14 To receive a brief report from the Ward Councillor(s):

There was no report available from either Ward Councillor.

5/11/14 Open Forum for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council

A resident commented that they were glad to see that the hedge had been cut at Rosemount. A couple of drains between Temple Court and the farm drive need attention from the lengthsman. The drain at the Church Gate is undergoing investigation and future works to repair it are planned.

 6/11/14 Correspondence/Consultation/Discussion/Communications:

 a) Update on proposed development on Land West of Upper Court Road, Bosbury

 This planning application goes before Herefordshire Council Planning Committee for a decision on 19th November. Cllr Hosking advised that English Heritage have asked why they have not been consulted. The parish council are keeping on top of any further communications and will prepare a statement to be read out at this meeting by the planning committee chairman Cllr Whitehead.

Cllr Hosking will also speak at the meeting objecting as a member of public.

 b) Neighbourhood Plan Report and NDP Funding

 The draft Plan has been sent to 270 households and the statutory consultees. Feedback received has resulted in the final draft being written and sent to Herefordshire Council Neighbourhood Planning Team. It will take around seven weeks for Herefordshire Council to undertake the formal process and a further four months before it goes to referendum. The election next year may cause further delays.

 c) Update on Defibrillator for Bosbury

 Deferred until December as Cllr Twigg had sent his apologies

 d) BT Consultation on proposed public payphone removals

 The phone box in the village has been highlighted by BT as one to be removed. BT have offered that the parish council could buy it for £1. It was proposed that it would be a good “home” for the defibrillator. Cllr Hosking is to check if it is listed. The clerk is to check ongoing maintenance costs, insurance aspects and cost of electricity. It was decided to do these checks before making a final decision. RESOLVED

 e) Update on considering listing the Bell Inn as an asset of community value

 Deferred to December meeting.

7/11/14 Highways and Footpaths

 a) Traffic Speed Management – Cllr Joyce-Townsend confirmed that the beige anti-skid tarmac and new white lines are in place. The 30mph signs are due to be moved in the next few weeks and then the scheme is complete. Covert speed monitoring will then take place under the same format as before and during the scheme. The results of which will decide what is done at the Cradley end of the village. Members and residents present expressed their thanks to Cllr Joyce-Townsend for his time and hard work on this matter.

b) Road Conditions / Winter Self Help / Flooding

 The clerk has circulated Balfour Beatty’s programme of works for the village for November. The salt/grit stored at Church Farm Coddington needs moving to a new site. The clerk was asked to check with Balfour Beatty if all salt bins have been filled and replaced where necessary and to chase sandbags and the available stocks for residents to help themselves. RESOLVED

 c) To discuss future maintenance of River Leadon

 The Internal Drainage Board, Environment Agency and landowners are in consultation over the future maintenance of the River Leadon.

d) Balfour Beatty Programme of Works and priority list for resurfacing


 e) Update from Footpath Warden James Boyce

 The footpath warden is awaiting a reply from Neil James Balfour Beatty Locality Steward on the diseased trees along the footpath by the hall and the footpath at Swinmoor Common.

A parish footpath map to define bridleways and paths is being compiled and when complete will be printed for distribution and display on notice boards.

A suggestion was made that the parish council purchase an A3 printer for these maps and also any future planning applications.

 f) Lengthsman Jobs

 Leaves are to be cleared from drains and gullies. The grip between Nash End and Bosbury House needs clearing. Some road signs need strimming around to make them visible. The ditch in Coddington needs rodding under driveways to clear blockages and allow water to flow freely. The first Saturday in December has been suggested to start trimming the hedge around the burial ground.

Councillors were asked to consider the lengthsman match funding offer from Herefordshire Council and bring their thoughts to the December meeting.


8/11/14 Finance

 a) To agree Finance Report and note Bank Reconciliation RESOLVED

 b) Payments RESOLVED

622: J H Landscapes Ltd – NDP Postage – £232.29

623: J Chester – Clerk salary and expenses Oct – as agreed

Direct Debit – Information Commission Office – Data Protection – £35.00

c) New Financial Regulations – deferred to discuss and adopt at the December meeting.

d) To discuss 2015/16 Precept Requirement – the clerk had drafted a suggested budget. Election costs, HALC subscription, SID costs, A3 printer and lengthsman match funding figures need clarifying before final decision is made at the December meeting.

e) Bank Mandate – Cllr Hayes was added as a signatory and the mandate completed. Signatories confirmed as Cllr Bosley, Blandford, Boyle, Hayes and Whitehead.

9/11/14 Training / Meetings

 a) To note Dates and attendees of meetings:-

 19th November – Herefordshire Council planning committee meeting, Shire Hall Hereford 10am.

19th November – informal Cluster Group meeting at Tarrington 7.30pm

HALC “Wise Owl” training programme noted.

b) Reports from meetings attended

Balfour Beatty Annual Plan Exhibition 23rd October. Cllrs Bosley and Whitehead attended this useful meeting. There were a number of stands, programmes of work were on show and details on how locality stewards were working. Balfour Beatty advised of a new LED lighting scheme being installed shortly, and cllrs had brought back a number of leaflets. It is intended to be an annual event.

10/11/14 To review the Information, Correspondence and Outstanding Actions Sheet (circulated) – reviewed and updated

11/11/14 To note the Planning Record – noted

 12/11/14 Items for next meeting

 Report from Planning Committee meeting 19th November

Finance Regulations



Phone Box

Pub listing

Neighbourhood Plan

13/11/14 Date of Next Scheduled Meeting – Thurs 4th December 2014 at Coddington Church

Councillors who were not members of the planning committee left the meeting at this point.

14/11/14 Planning

 a) Planning Applications to be considered:- none

 P142501/FH & P142502/L Briarcroft, Catley Southfield, HR8 1QR

Proposed replacement tractor and implement store. Remove obsolete dutch

barn and out-buildings.

PC Comment: The Parish Council support this application

P142941/FH The Cottage, Catley, HR8 1QW  

Proposed upgrade and link extension to existing dwelling

PC Comment: The Parish Council support this application

P143002/FH Noverings Farmhouse, Bosbury, HR8 1QD

Proposed variation of condition 2 of planning permission 140987/FH (replace

existing building with new pool building and link to house) – change of roof

covering to steel profile sheeting and to include black flue pipe.

PC Comment: The Parish Council object to this application as they would

   prefer the roof materials to be sympathetic to the existing buildings

P143015/FH New Vicarage, Bosbury, HR8 1QA

Proposed single storey extension

PC Comment: The Parish Council support this application but wish to ensure materials used are in keeping with the main house.

b) To confirm response to Considered Applications – none


Meeting closed at 9.55pm







Signed…………………………….   Dated……………………………….