Parish Council Draft Minutes 5th October 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting, 5th October 2017, Coddington Church, 7.30pm

Councillors Sven Bosley (Chair), Julia Boyle (Vice-chairman), Joe Hayes, Julie E Baker, Patrick Whitehead, John Joyce Townsend, Tim Newsholme, Liz Cooke, Rachel Lovering, Gian Carlo Paganuzzi

In attendance
Emma Thomas – Parish Clerk
James Boyce – Footpath office
Sue Ransford – Potential Co-Opted Councillor

Public: 4

1.0 To Accept Apologies for Absence and Note the Reason
Charlie Ferrier (work), Mark Andrews (work).

2.0 To Record any Declarations of Interest and Requests for Dispensations
Rachel Lovering declared a non-pecuniary interest for agenda item 18 – “she lives there”.
Tim Newsholme declared a non-pecuniary interest for agenda item 15 – “he lives nearby”.

3.0 To approve the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 7th September 2017
The 7th September 2017 minutes were agreed to be accurate; approved and signed by the Chair.

Ward Cllr Tony Johnson arrived

4.0 To Receive Brief Report from Ward Councillor Tony Johnson
Cllr Johnson gave a brief report: The Council had been set targets in order to access the Care Fund. These targets would be met by Herefordshire although they had been imposed mid-term. Reaching these targets was critical to the money being released and many would not achieve them. All managed in a very unprofessional manner.
All Council small holdings had been sold and contracts completed. This raised in the region of £45 million. The money is to be used to set up a joint venture company to provide income for the Council. By 2020 the RSG government support will end. It is to be replaced by councils keeping 100% of their business rates. This, however, is less than the RSG. It is hoped the venture will concentrate on the market towns.

Blue School House overspend had been investigated – and would continue to be. The council apologised unreservedly for this.

The works using £5 million funding received for roads is underway. From Easter it is proposed that HC will start improving C and U roads. It was asked if this included B roads – the answer was yes.

Cllr Johnson took questions:
Did the takeover of the 417 bus route, from Ledbury to Worcester via Cradley, by First Group mean that this route was now safe from closure? Cllr Johnson did not know as the HC only award contracts for the routes rather than administering them. He thought it foolish to assume any route was safe as they all depended on profit. He would endeavour to find out more though and inform the clerk.

It was queried whether the correct areas of road along the A4103 were being worked on. Cllr Johnson replied that it was a different type of surface being laid. Cllr Johnson went on to explain that HC were pushing Balfour Beatty for compensation for the businesses affected by all the road closures. Cllr Johnson responded to the statement that “HC do not have the correct expertise in house to administer such projects to minimalise disruption” by saying that the timing of the grant meant work had to be completed quickly before the cold weather arrived. The grant payment had been delayed by several months due to the General Election.

It was asked how the PC can ensure that the potholes in the parish get attended too. Cllr Johnson requested that all pothole filling requests were copied to him, Richard Ball and Clive Hall in order that he can chase them up.

5.0 Public Participation session for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council.
It was asked if the visibility fences at Satchwood had been forgotten about. They could no longer be seen. It was agreed the clerk would request Neil James the Locality Steward look at it.

6.0 To Consider the co-option of a new Councillor – Sue Ransford
Sue Ransford was invited to say a few words about herself. It was proposed by SB and seconded by JB that the Council co-opt SR. It was unanimously RESOLVED to co-opt Sue Ransford as councillor for Coddington.

7.0 NDP
7.1 To consider the proposal to re-visit the NDP and move forward
Following a lengthy discussion it was proposed by SB and seconded by JH that the NDP must move forward to safeguard the interests of the Parishes. Following a majority vote it was RESOLVED that the NDP be revised and re-submitted at Regulation 16 as soon as possible.

7.2 To consider the proposal to set up an NDP sub-committee to review options available
It was proposed by SB and seconded by JB that an NDP sub-committee be formed to “ensure that the NDP is re-presented at regulation 16 and goes to referendum as soon as possible”. Following an unanimous vote it was RESOLVED that this should happen as soon as possible and delegated powers were given to the sub-committee to ensure this could happen in a timely fashion. The sub-committee members are SB, TN, JJT and CF with the clerk in attendance.

PW was thanked once again by the PC for his enormous efforts at getting the NDP thus far.

8.0 To approve updated staffing committee terms of reference
It was RESOLVED to approve the updated terms of reference.

9.0 To consider the proposal to become a SmartWater village and next steps
It would cost between £2800 and £3500 ex VAT to provide SmartWater to all properties. It appeared that the funding available from the Crime Commissioners Office would be for signs only. It was RESOLVED to put this as an agenda item on the November agenda when depth of interest would be better ascertained following the Neighbourhood Watch meeting on the 26th October.

10.0 To consider an information pack for new residents
LC reported that an idea had been aired that an information pack should be put together to advertise all the various organsiations and businesses in the Parishes to new residents. It would involve very little cost as the organizations would provide their own paper flyer to go in the pack. LC requested that the Parish Council pay for the wallets to put the flyers in.

It was proposed by SB and seconded by JEB that the PC fund the wallets. It was unanimously RESOLVED to do so as the pack was thought to be an excellent idea.

11.0 To consider the problem caused by agricultural vehicles driving through the village.
SB reported that he had spoken to the farmers but thought it was more the size rather than the speed that gave alarm as most farm machines cannot go above 30 miles an hour. There was little else that could be done as Bosbury is a rural village.

12.0 To consider the purchase of HGV signs
JH had managed to get 2 quotes for signage. Signright had 2 signs from an unwanted order that he would sell to the PC for £54 per sign. Posts would then cost in the region of £28. It was RESOLVED that 2 signs be bought at this cost to be sited at either end of Pitmans Lane. JH kindly offered to install them.

13.0 To consider the deployment of SID’s and revised hire fee.
Since the September meeting the cost of hiring a SID had increased to £250 per SID per 28 day deployment. It was RESOLVED to hire one SID as soon as possible to be sited at the Temple Court end of Bosbury at a cost of £250. (PW proposed and SB seconded)

It was RESOLVED that the clerk ask Cllr Tony Johnson why the price of hire has increased so much. This is to be copied to Richard Ball and Barry Dirkin.

It was RESOLVED that the PC looks at buying their own SID in light of these increased costs. This was agreed to be an agenda item in November.

14.0 To consider the proposed footpath diversion – BZ37 and BZ33
It was RESOLVED that the following comment should be given – “the old footpath should remain on the definitive map and the new route should be designated a permissive way and properly and clearly signposted.” This way historic footpath records could be maintained and H&S issues avoided. (JH proposed, PW seconded)

15.0 To consider the Notification of Modification Order – Addition of byway open to all traffic BZ77
It was RESOLVED to write a letter stating “the PC accept the status of the highway in the past but have clear highway safety reservations as per the letter written in January 2016.”

16.0 To consider any new highway or footpath issue
Following a complaint via the website, new way-markers had been sited. It was RESOLVED that the clerk reply to the complainant saying this.

Several potholes need logging: C1160 Brook Lane by West Ridges
C1175 between the jtn of C1176 and U-road 66403
On U-road 66403


The integrity of the road between Cottons Corner – Staplow and Temple Court – Bosbury needs urgent attention
It was RESOLVED that the clerk log these with Balfour Beatty and HC and copy in Cllr Johnson and Richard Ball as per minute 4.

17.0 To consider appointing a new lengthsman – following Ed Seabright’s resignation
It was RESOLVED that a letter of thanks be written to Ed for all his hard work over the years.

It was RESOLVED that the clerk get tenders from interested people ready for a decision at the November meeting. Cllrs are requested to email contact details if they know anyone appropriate. LC passed a business card over.
It was RESOLVED that the clerk ask Balfour Beatty how much the lengthsman course costs and when the next training session is being run.

18.0 To consider the complaint made about the noise and disruption at Adhisthana over the summer
It was RESOLVED that a neighbourly dispute is not something the Parish Council should become involved in. It was RECOMMENDED that the two parties set up a quarterly meeting where any issues can be aired and resolved.

19.0 To consider access to proposed housing development north of Ledbury railway viaduct.
It was RESOLVED that the PC comment “the present entrance into the site is wholly inadequate and will have a huge impact on the traffic into the village of Bosbury, Stanley Hill and Ledbury as well as swamping the B4214. The obvious entrance should be under the viaduct. The proper access into the proposed site needs to be resolved before detailed planning permission is granted. Was the delay in obtaining access under the viaduct due to Rail Track’s greed?” This comment is to be copied to Ledbury Town Council.

20.0 Finance
20.1 To agree the finance report and bank balances
The finance report and bank balances were agreed and signed.

20.2 To consider short-term investment options
It was RESOLVED that due to poor interest rates this be something the clerk look at from time to time and bring to the attention of the Council if necessary.

20.3 To agree paymets of outstanding accounts including:
712 Grant Thornton – Annual return £120
713 Eyelid productions – Website training £60
714 Clerk – purchase of laptop £509.94

It was RESOLVED to approve and pay all items.

20.4 To consider purchasing a bin for the burial ground
It was RESOLVED that JH and LC would revisit the burial ground to examine the best option

20.5 To consider supporting the newsletter with a monthly contribution
It was RESOLVED to not take this further due to the lack of paperwork

20.6 To consider the budget and pre-cept for 2018-19
It was RESOLVED that PW and the clerk meet between now and the November meeting to finalise the figures on the draft budget and bring a proposal for a decision to the November meeting.

20.7 To sign the Clerk’s contract of employment and consider using Autela for PAYE services.
The clerk had yet to receive her contract from HALC so this was resolved to be put as an agenda item at the November meeting.

It was RESOLVED to instruct Autela to administer the payroll and PAYE for the Council so that the clerk could be paid. P(Proposed JH, seconded PW)

21.0 To note and review the information and outstanding actions sheet.
The Information and Outstanding action sheet was NOTED and REVIEWED.

22.0 To note the next meeting: 2nd November 2017 in Coddington Church
The meeting was NOTED

23.0 To note items for the next meeting
Cllrs were REQESTED to email the clerk with any items

The meeting closed at 22.20

Signed: ___________________________________________________ Dated: __________________________