Physical Activity Strategy

Herefordshire Council is developing a Physical Activity Strategy to develop a clear approach to physical activity within the county. This will be informed by local priorities and developed in partnership with key stakeholders. As part of this process, we would like to hear from local residents to understand their habits in relation to physical activity, exercise and sport. We would really appreciate it if you could fill in the survey found here:

Coronavirus update

Dear All,

As you maybe aware Herefordshire Council have been developing a Talk Community Covid Response where they are sending every household in Herefordshire (88k) a letter focussed on the vulnerable people and the support they will need outside of their existing network. They have a central coordination centre with a dedicated telephone line for vulnerable people and volunteers to contact us and they will then link them back into the community organisations. There is already some fantastic community responses happening and the council can support the infrastructure through this response and provide community resilience.

Many of the wards and parishes have provided them with information of the community work being undertaken however there are some areas where they have little information, please do forward the team any community information on the email address below with the key coordinator.

The areas of support that will be coordinated are:

Urgent supplies
Picking up meds (DBS check needed)
Pet walking
Calling vulnerable people during this difficult time

People wishing to volunteer can register and vulnerable people needing support can register on the following link:, the dedicated telephone number will be fully live from Tuesday 24th March which is 01432 260027 and email address

Keep Safe Poster

Letter to Herefordshire residents

Coronavirus – Tesco shopping

Friday 20th March, Tesco Ledbury will dedicate from 09.00 to 10.00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday specifically for the 0ver 70’s and vulnerable/at risk members of our community, so that they can do their shopping at the lowest risk possible.  They request that other shoppers respect this and choose to shop at alternative times.


Coronavirus Information:

Wash your hands poster

Hand washing techniques poster

Additional sources of general information:
For the latest, reputable sources of information about this coronavirus please visit the following websites:
Health advice about coronavirus:
Latest information:
Frequently asked Questions:

Gigaclear – Broadband

Good News!  As of the 6th February 2020, properties in the Gigaclear area of Mathon can register to receive faster broadband.  You need to go to the Gigaclear website and enter your postcode.

It seems to be taking about a week from registration to connection!

Fastershire Community Meeting

Fastershire Phase 2 Community Meeting

Fastershire and Gigaclear are hosting a community meeting about the phase 2 rollout of ultrafast fibre broadband to properties in the communities shown below.

The rollout with Gigaclear is targeting those properties that still require access to faster broadband. Residents and businesses should visit to see if they can already access faster broadband or where they sit in our plans.

This session aims to answer any questions and give information about the rollout of the new ultrafast, pure fibre broadband network in your community as well as meet with specialists from both Gigaclear & Complete Utilities.

When: Thursday 7 February
Time: 6.30pm – 7:30pm
Where: Whitbourne Village Hall, WR6 5RN

For more information and register to attend, click here.

Acton Beauchamp
Bishops Frome
Edvin Loach
Fromes Hill
Lower Eggleton
Much Cowarne
Stanford Bishop
Tedstone Delamere
The Downs
Meadow Green


Fastershire Broadband Project