Council Business

Parish Council Meetings:

Scheduled Meetings of the Parish Council are on the following dates usually at 7.30pm (may vary):

1st February, 2018                                                               :           Bosbury Village Hall

1st March, 2018                                                                   :           Bosbury Village Hall
th April, 2018                                                                      :           Coddington Church
May, 2018 – Annual Parish Meeting                       :          Bosbury Parish Hall
24th May, 2018 – Annual Parish Council Mt               :           Bosbury Parish Hall
th July, 2018        changed to 19th July                         :           Coddington Church
th September, 2018                                                             :           Bosbury Parish Hall
th October, 2018                                                                  :           Coddington Church
November, 2018                                                             :           Bosbury Parish Hall
th December, 2018                                                               :           Coddington Church

  • There are no scheduled meetings in January, June and August 2018.
  • All parishioners and press are welcome to attend. Public Participation is timetabled at each meeting.
  • Unscheduled (Extra-Ordinary) meetings may be called, please check notice board/website for details.
  • The agenda will be placed on the website/notice boards a minimum of 3 working days in advance.
  • To raise an agenda item, please contact the clerk at least 7 days before the meeting to allow time for the item to be scheduled and to give the Parish Councillors an opportunity for any research required.

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