In the event that you need to access a defibrillator – it is vital you call 999 first.

The Parish Council are please to announce that there are now three defibrillators in the Parishes.

The Council has now funded defibrillators at Bosbury Parish Hall and Catley Telephone Booth.  A defibrillator has also recently been installed in Coddington too.  This was kindly funded by The Friends of Ledbury Hospital.

The Parish Council also recently organised a Heart Start training evening for parishioners.  This was very well attended.

A defibrillator awareness evening has been planned for the Wednesday 25th September 2019 at Coddington Vineyard at 7.00pm.  This will be led by The HeartBeat Trust.

Catley Defibrillator


Coddington Defib. 
Bosbury Defib.










Below are the longitude and latitude co-ordinates for the defibrillators, based on Google maps.

Coddington: 52.08184748241546, -2.411926415597728

Bosbury: 52.08812653440346, -2.44663307411263