Peasant Farmer Ramblings

Farmers are often betrayed as moaning minnies rightly or wrongly!, usually there is a reason. Take this week, animals to feed, while trying to stand upright, but then comes the extras, water!!, all above ground pipes are now frozen solid, as well as most of the indoor pipes, I then get the smart comment, “if you had insulated the pipe it wouldn’t have frozen”, answer “try telling the bird not to use it for nesting material”, so staggering gingerly with buckets of water for thirsty who can drink faster than Young Farmers on a brewery visit, then just when you think you have finished quenching their thirst a couple of malingerers come out of the shed where they have been stuffing themselves while everybody else was out drinking, saunter up to the bowl and look at you as if to say, “come-on where’s ours…”

I am surprised at the lack of footpath-walkers recently, at least the ground is firm, or is the going too hard?

It amuses me to see walkers looking at their maps then take off across the field , not always in the correct direction!!!, but maybe they are the wise , as often those in a hurry to get from A to B miss what the countryside has to offer, if only they took time to take in what is around them, from birds and insects to crop and wildflowers, even trees are different at different times of the year.

I know we farmers do grump and moan, but we also appreciate where we are and what we are custodians of and appreciate people using our work place with the care and respect it deserves.

There are several walks that are being drawn up and will be available as a download or hard copy for you to enjoy the beauty of Bosbury and Coddington Parish.

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